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My 2nd account walter_schulz doesn't have change permissions to anymore. What's wrong?


August 12, 2026 before sunset the last leg of a total eclipse will hit the north-west part of Spain.,_2026

What about a meeting there and doing some magic? With or without lanterns, of course!
I think Lago Enol will give the opportunity for some great shots.
Just fill in the name in a search engine of your choice and check the views.
Lago Enol is located in the Picos de Europa (fantastic for motorbikes)  and nearby Bilbao (where to begin ... look it up, please) and León.

If there are serious concerns about the location I would really appreciate your input.


Just to please my inner cat.

General Chat / Web video conferences and eye contact: Any solution?
« on: May 05, 2020, 08:32:02 PM »

The thing bothering me most (and I know I'm not the only one) is about missing eye contact.
Cam is mounted on top of monitor or - best currently available - in the frame itself. You have to concentrate to look into the lens but even if I'm able to do it - and I fail a lot - it just feels weird.

Q: Is there a solution for this?
Don't tell me I'm the first one asking this! Idea: Some second/third cam streaming into PC and processed by an (almost) almighty GPU doing something related to (late and lamented) light-field cam.
Result: I look into the eye displayed in the monitor during the conversation and on the other side: vice versa (sorry, lame pun).

General Chat / Pledge: Working on primer "ML's Haunted House of Cards"
« on: March 16, 2020, 02:01:30 PM »
Planned was leaving Peru on 27th of March. National emergency has other ideas about that and traveling around is not an option either.

Will do some work on a primer about handling flash memory cards to kill time.

General Chat / Q: Flash cards and power consumption/thermal management?
« on: February 17, 2020, 05:16:18 PM »

Is there any hard data (aka: measurements) covering power consumption/thermal management for various flash devices (SD-card, micro-SD, CFexpress; SLC, MLC, eMLC) performing write operations?

EDIT: MLC includes TLC, QLC.

Is the doctor in?
I'm traveling with 100D (planning to come back end of March 2020) and just a few hours ago liveview went nuts.
Build in use at the time was crop_rec_4k_2018.Jul22.100D101 (by jenkins@nightly)

Changened lenses after some video shots (mlv_rec + mlv_snd), went to liveview for some stills and a bright screen was shown with ML status bars top and bottom. Brightness didn't change with aperture/exposure time/ISO. Sometimes power off won't work.
Tried resetting to ML defaults, restoring Canon settings, pressing SET at startup, running cam without card, with different builds, with different cams.
I started cam in M mode, Tv, Av and tried battery (only on with me) and external power supply.

- Most of the time screen is bright when starting LV with ML status bars. Pressing LV button switches off LV, pressing again brings back bright screen with status bars.
- With bright screen on I press Play button and last pic shows up. Pressing LV button again, screen shows last pic (normal brightness) with ML status bars. Pressing LV button again -> Canon menu as it should be. Pressing LV again: Black screen with ML status bars.

Sometimes I manage to softbrick the cam. Haven't found out why and when yet.
Looks like non-LV pics are working fine.

@alex: UTC-5 here (if it matters)

EDIT: Movie mode LV is laggy (looks like fps override) and freezes at times.
EDITEDIT: Got LV back in photo mode. Sluggish. Looks like some serious fps override. Useable, still.
3rdEDIT: in Movie tab FPS override was turned off but numbers to the right were in the area! Canon setting: PAL 1080@25 ... Changed to NTSC and changed 1080p modes. Numbers are back to normal.
Funny: Let cam rest in Canon menu while I wrote, switched back to LV and everything looks ok now. No lag anymore. Do I have to understand what was going on?

General Chat / South America - ML users around?
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:41:06 PM »

Will get on the motobike on Monday for a 5-month trip up and down the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentinia and whereever my bike will tell me to go). Part of the trip is getting back into photography. Somehow lost grip some time ago, unfortunately.
If there are ML users wanting to show me some places not featured in Lonely Planets I would appreciate it a lot. Interested in Urbex, architecture, landscape or just having a good time.
Drop a line via PN. English, please! Eager to learn spanish but somehow spanish and I are in a difficult relationship.

General Chat / "Les Numeriques" covers Magic Lantern
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:45:12 PM »
... and because Je ne parle pas français I have no idea if they are doing it well.

Just curious ...
This lens is available for Canon, Nikon and Sony FE. What puzzles me profoundly:
Aperture Blades    9 (Canon), 7 (Nikon), 13 (Sony FE)
Never heard of aperture blades depending on lens mount before! Any insight would be appreciated!

Few moments ago "Recently updated topics" looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Given the spam induces validation period (which may take days) this will lead to new member's questions slipping under the radar and likely left unanswered.
Any reason why time frame for Recently updated topics has been changed?

If you are among those Firefox users and wondering what happened to your precious add-on collection (NoScript, Ghostery and several others): Bug in Firefox, certification issue. Official bugfix on it's way.
If you are one of those more paranoid users who disabled Mozilla's data collection option: Type about:studies as address and change your preference (top option in privacy). You will get a hotfix visible in about:studies soon after. I had to restart Firefox several times to get my add-ons back.
I'm an ESR user and unable to use bug-fixed nightly. After official bug-fixed release you may want to reset your privacy settings ...

General Chat / Advice on Drone?
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:49:30 PM »

I will visit South America by motorbike. 5 months, I think. I want to keep my photo gear light. Just travel tripod, 100D/SL1 and some "plastic" lenses (EF-S 10-18, EF-S 18-55, maybe an 18-135 USM). Landscape, panos, some architecture, mostly. Thinking about adding a (small) drone to this. Does not have to carry a 100D! And no intention to accompany the bike while driving. But:
- 1080p video + higher res stills, if available. RAW for stills, please!
- must do have some high altitude abilities

No experience with drones, yet. And no unlimited budget.


Created a flowchart about what is going on *before* running ML. I think it covers most what might be described as bootload stuff.

1): @a1ex: Roughly correct or not?
2): @all: Edible or unable to swallow?

And another one for a1ex: After wake-up from sleep there is another card check slowing down wake-up. What is the cam actually doing? Again checking for bootable card or just reading Autoexec.bin and other files?

EDIT: Dang! Forgot "Check if card is bootable!" New version online.

Curiosity, again:
ML default option for formating memory cards is "Format card, keep ML". I suppose (IANAP) ML works like this:
Copy files Autoexec.bin and ML-SETUP.FIR and all ML dir contents (*.*) to an allocated memory space, format card using Canon's firmware routines and restore files and directory from RAM to card.
Somehow correct?
If so: Is there an upper limit for number of files that can be stored and/or is there an upper size limit for single files or all files combined? I suppose it might be somehow camera dependent. Numbers available?

I suppose if I do something stupid like storing oversized video tutorials into ML directory it will break the routine resulting in - at least - corrupted and missing files after format.

General Chat / BoingBoing about Magic Lantern ... brace for impact ...
« on: February 20, 2019, 10:51:22 AM » content found at O'Reilly (couldn't find anything there).
Boy, they managed to get most of it wrong!
1) ML does not replace Canon's OS. It runs along with it and Canon menus and actions are accessible, too.
2) It runs not only from SD but all flash cards you can insert (apart from SD-to-CF adapters which are crap and not supported)
3) The audio options described are for Digic 4 cams only (minus 50D, 1100D)
4) Oh, they actually got something right ... white-balance, exposure presets, overlays and open source.

Wait, haven't we been here before? Déjà-vu big time ...

Apart from this ... Anyone attracted by BoingBoing, please read before asking:
- No, ML does not run on recent Canon cams running Digic 6, 7 or 8 processors
- No, we can't say when it's ready. We have no clue, no release date or schedule to follow.
- Yes, we know you want it! So do we: Supporting not by offering money (we will ask if necessary) but by offering your coding skills (optimum: C and assembler for embedded devices, preferable ARM architecture), your time for testing code and nightly builds and experimental builds. Or go through our rather rudimental camera help proposal for errors and enhancements (link in signature).

Manually created Config Presets will appear in order of folders time-stamp.
I suggest to change order based on leading character according to alphabet.

In its present state handling of such entries is counterintuitive.

Feature Requests / Menu clean-up/redo: Liveview status "RAW" green -> white
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:35:59 PM »
Years ago there was a major redo in LiveView leading to a design with as few distractions as possible. Transistion from rather colourful status bars to black-and-white.

According to this design guideline I suggest to change "RAW" from green to white. I see no purpose keeping it in that colour.

I need confirmation for a strange bug in Expo. Override function. No hazard involved.
You need an rather old-fashioned lens like 50/1.8 I or II, EF 100/2.8 Macro and a newer one. Any STM should do and so does EF 100/2.8 L IS Macro. Don't know about other lenses fitting the scheme.
Any more recent nightly build would do fine and it doesn't matter if Digic 4 or Digic 5 cam involved.

Steps to reproduce:

- Preparation: Restore ML defaults (you may backup your ML/Settings dir to restore custom settings after test) and shutdown cam. Set lens to MF.

1) Testing "old" lens
- Remove battery, insert battery and powerup cam in photo mode.
- In Canon's QC menu set aperture to lowest number (wide open).
- Open ML menu and access Expo tab. Turn off ExpSim and turn Expo. Override ON.
- Enter LiveView. You may change shutter and ISO to get a proper view in LV. Do NOT change aperture! If you have accidently changed aperture -> Begin from 1) again.
- Press Trashcan button to access ML menu
- Highlight "Aperture" menu item and press set -> You are in Liveview again and "Aperture" menu item is visible in LV.
- Now turn top wheel one notch contra-clockwise. You should see number in "Aperture" changing to highest number available for this lens. And screen goes dark immediately after turning wheel.
- Check aperture blades. They should be properly adjusted to chosen aperture. (If unsure: Leave LV and use DOF preview button to compare).

(You can play around with top wheel if you want. Should do fine. Report if not!)

- Restore ML defaults, shutdown cam and remove battery.

2) Test "new" lens designs.
- Mount lens and insert battery.
- In Canon's QC menu set aperture to lowest number (wide open).
- Open ML menu and access Expo tab. Turn off ExpSim and turn Expo. Override ON.
- Enter LiveView. You may change shutter and ISO to get a proper view in LV. Do NOT change aperture! If you have accidently changed aperture -> Begin from 2 again.
- Press Trashcan button to access ML menu
- Highlight "Aperture" menu item and press set -> You are in Liveview again and "Aperture" menu item is visible in LV.
- Now turn top wheel one notch contra-clockwise. You should see number in "Aperture" changing to highest number available for this lens.

- Now things won't work the way you expect. I think you may see some laggish response or even none after turning the wheel. Try turning wheel until screen goes darker. Maybe you have to force it by half-pressing shutter button (not sure about this one).
After screen goes darker check aperture blades position. You may observe they are not as closed as they should be! You may cross check leaving liveview and using DOF preview button.

Please report back with
- cam used
- lenses used

And don't forget to remove your battery after 2) completed. Menu may behave strange, too. And camera shutdown by power  button is only optional, I suppose. ;-)

Thanks for your time!

Feature Requests / Loop After, easier edit function
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:13:14 PM »
Only way to change number is incrementing/decrementing by button press or wheel. Would be appreciated if working like "Stop after" where you can select and change each digit.

At the moment there are two modules (pic_view, mlv_play) adding features into file manager. And not able to do much without.*
What is the developers pick on that?
Does it make sense to merge these functions into file manager or do you prefer to keep them seperate for easier development (or other reasons I'm not aware of)?

*MLV_Play enables playback of last record from RAW menu *without* file manager.

Steps to reproduce:
Start photo mode with ML defaults.
Take a pic.
Switch cam to bulb mode.
Open ML menu. Go to Shoot screen -> Bulb mode -> Q
Set Exposure duration to 40 seconds
Set Display during exposure to Show previous pic
Leave menu by half-shutter press.
Press half-shutter for > 1 seconds. Cam should make a beep and beginn to take a pic.

Expected result (with bug):
- Screen turns dark (no pic shown) and remaining time counts down. (Upper left area).

After bulb mode terminated you will see the pic in review.

Now take a second pic in bulb mode. Expected result (with bug):
- Screen turns dark (no pic shown) and remaining time does not show up at all.

Please test (owners of other D4 cams as well) and report back!

EDIT: Found time to downgrade to 2.0.3 and build #3 (2013Dec22). Did not work either. Third shot with option Show previous pic: No countdown line written. And clock (counting up exposure time, showing lower right corner) doesn't show up at all. Missing pic, too.
More to debug:
Option "Display during exposure Don't change" doesn't show any message. 650D shows clock incrementing.
Awaiting reports from other D4 owners before opening Bitbucket issue.

650D, option "Display during exposure Don't change"

Not sure if here or Tutorials and Creative Uses is the right place to ask.

Came up with an idea for future tutorials. I think users might want to have some kind of reference for the things written to Quick Control screen by ML. Could be in written/non-interactive form with pics like this (incomplete):

or interactive for electronic devices (no example here).

Question 1: I looked into source code trying to find out which features are interacting with Quick Control. But I suck as a programmer and couldn't make sense out of it. Is there a list of features writing to QC screen?

Question 2: There a some differences in QC screen between my 650D (Digic 5) and 7D (Digic4).

Examples:            7D        650D
Battery level:       yellow    none
MLU:                   yellow    white
Adv. Bracket         none     white
intermediate ISO  alligned not alligned/artifacts
Date                    none     white

No lens info, no build info displayed in 7D's screen.
May a developer drop a word about those differences? Has to work this way because of Canon or something lost/gained in transistion? I kind of like ML's interaction highlighted. Personal issue, of course.

And another one:
AFAIK option "LCDsensor Remote" is the only one where menu icon changes this way. I think it is redundant and should be dropped to maintain user interface standard.

As discussed in
"Steady hands" feature outside liveview is unreliable.

Request: Force cam into liveview if enabled. It should work the same way "Expo. Change" and "Frame diff." do: Press half-shutter and liveview it is.

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