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General Chat / Windows Security Warning: PrintNightmare. Act NOW!
« on: July 06, 2021, 07:17:37 PM »
Sadly no joke: Use a search engine to look for

Disable "Spooler" ASAP and hope for a patch to come up soon.


1st of July import tax/VAT free rule (22 Euro) will get canceled. Means: Purchasing cheap items/gear from China (mainly) will be gone for good.
At the moment you can order items up to 22 Euro (including shipping) and tariff/tax/VAT won't get applied. Effective 01.07.2021 you have to pay tariff. Period. And because shipping companies will charge you an additional handling fee (starting around 6 EU but some are not that cheap) your 20 Euro item translates into > 30 Euro putting it all together. And a 6 EU item will just become a 13 Euro purchase.
Only exception:
Tariff below 1 Euro won't get processed. Translates to: Items worth up to 5.24 Euro will not be affected. In other words: Duty-free limit drops from 22 Euro to 5.24.

Above calculations are for Germany (19% tariff). YMMV.

Forum and Website / FAQ updated: Review, please!
« on: April 23, 2021, 09:27:01 PM »
Added some items and edited some existing. Please do a language check (I'm not a native speaker, obviously) and if you think there is a missing/misleading FAQ item: Drop a line!


Asking for feedback from users running Canon's Camera Connect App.
It may be helpful to get movie mode switch (or similiar function) back into ML.
What do I mean by that? ATM it is not possible for ML to switch from photo mode to video (and back) without using physical switches (main dial,..).
Camera Connect allows to switch back and forth by software using my 250D/SL3. And it would be helpful to get some info if this function is enabled on other cams, too. Esp. those with older Digic.

How to test:
Set cam into photo mode. Connect to app and take a pic via app. Now switch to video within app (do not use cam's dials!) and start recording. Stop recording (via app again) and switch back to photo mode (via app). Take a pic via app.
If you are able to record a video and cam take a pic test is successful completed.

List of cams to test:

[DIGIC 4+]
1300D/T5: n (confirmed by u/ThunderHashashin) Cam unable to use WiFi/NFC in video mode.

70D n (tested by ArcziPL)
6D y/n

[DIGIC 6] - Confirmed
750D/T6i y/n
760D/T6s y/n
80D y Confirmed

[DIGIC 7] -> Confirmed
200D/SL2 y Confirmed
800D/T7i y/n
77D y/n
6D II y

[DIGIC8] -> Confirmed
250D/SL3: y

Thanks for your support!

PS: Don't ask for a time frame to make it happen. This is just an inquiry and mode switch by ML will definitely not come into being any time soon!
PPS: For ML users it might be best to run this test without ML being active.

Purchased an M2 marked as defunct and it came as defunct! Surprise!

Press ON/OFF and after very short time green LED begins to blink fast. And doesn't stop (tested for several minutes). Pressing ON/OFF again will stop it.
Pressing Play button at startup does *not* startup camera. But opening battery compartment, pressing Play (and keeping it pressed) and closing compartment door will startup cam with blinking LED. Can be shutdown by pressing ON/OFF, too.
If procedure is repeated without battery pull cam will not startup.

I tried with/without card. I tried cards prepared for ML. With/without Portable Display Test autoexec.bin and with cards prepared for other cam types. No reaction so I assume cam's bootflag is not set.

I suppose there may be a slight chance to get some diagnostics by accessing cam's UART and that's all I can do. Right?

Forum and Website / Magic Lantern Glossary: Ready for review
« on: January 30, 2021, 05:23:25 PM »

I wrote a wiki containing ML specific terms often used in forum discussions. Should work as glossary for users unfamiliar with ML lingo.
Please review!
Change denglish to proper english.
Leave comments in wiki if necessary.
Code: [Select]
> this is a comment
To do: All the crop, binning, skipping, aliasing stuff + some build and firmware update infos.

Forum and Website / Ideas and brainfarts about forum redesign
« on: January 27, 2021, 05:56:47 PM »
[We started a discussion about forum redesign on Discord but I think Discord is not well designed for structured discussions. Therefore this post.]

I cannot stress this enough: ATM ML homepage and forum offer a bad user experience. Information is outdated, found in various places and differ in quality. (Incomplete but you get the idea).

IMO needs a major redo and this will not happen overnight. What we have is some flexibility in forum structure and some control about the way user access information from here.

I think we should have some form of info counter/forum where user with "standard" questions/issues/requests should be able to use a shortcut. Something related has been tried here! but didn't catch.

Could be structured as a TOC but this is open to discussion.

Some of the main topics that should/could be adressed today:
Streaming. Linked to other keywords like HDMI, USB streaming, vlogging.
Users looking for this topic will be guided/linked to a short write-up containing what ML offers: clean HDMI, lua_fix, unlimited HDMI streaming, USB streaming via EOS Utility+OBS, USB streaming via EOS Webcam and limitations (no resolution of your choice (apart from forced VGA) ... etc.). Link to lua_fix as recommended build, list of supported cams, installation instructions.
Errors and mishaps
I think of some sort of flowchart: Specify error/mishap to tell candidates for emergency department from those just having troubles to shoot some freaky RAW resolution they saw on youtube. And of course installation errors. Broken cards ...
The all dreaded owner of a 999D asking for a build
Frankly, the method "If your camera is not listed ..." doesn't work well. I suggest to have a section listing each and every EOS digital camera (+Powershots in ML realm) which is linked to a short and clear description what is going on. EOS M3, M5, M6, M10, M100 should be guided to CHDK with disclaimer we have no authority about the things happening there.
Donations Status report about why ATM only bitcoins are accepted.

Okay, you get the idea! More of a brainstorm, not complete, open to discussion.

Further things I think should be changed: A short listing which information sources are used/useable for which purpose.
Above there is a line with twitter, discord, reddit and irc.
Example: There is no hint reddit is no official communication channel and reddit mods have no interaction with ML team and - apart from around two people there - have no affiliation with ML team. And one of them gets pretty tired at times ...
Missing: Statement about inofficial facebook groups with Magic Lantern in their name.
Missing: Absence of any official youtube channel or even entries.
Add other social medias if wanted but I'm convinced we confuse people by being unclear about official channels and their use cases.


Starting 01.01.2021 EU regulation 2019/947 is in force and life is not going to be easier by that. All drones > 250 g are affected and their pilots, too. Please make yourself familiar with new requirements and certifications/registrations according to your country. Warning: May come with a price tag ...

Germany: Es ist für Drohnen über 250 g Abfluggewicht mindestens ein Online-Test und eine *persönliche* Registrierung beim LBA notwendig. Der Test ist seit kurzem online und er ist - zur Zeit - kostenlos, was sich aber ändern soll. Man redet von 25 Euro (ohne Gewähr). Wer also ein bisschen Zeit übrig hat, kann jetzt Geld sparen und sich den Test mal geben. Oder auch mehrmals, es gibt da keine Beschränkung. Link zur Schulung und zum Test:

Wondering if Canon was bought by Apple lately because I have an "Apple Event" feeling about all of this:

Boy, how to get excited about reinventing the wheel ... if it is a wheel, after all.

General Chat / HDMI testing device for digital cameras?
« on: December 09, 2020, 06:58:22 PM »

Got this one and - for the price didn't expect much. Should have read specs, I suppose. In short: It won't work with HDMI sources, camera screen blinks and device is telling me there is no HDMI device.

What I'm looking for: A device connecting to camera's HDMI output and telling me
- resolution
- interlaced or progressive
- fps
- bit depth


Could cost a bit more but kidneys stay at home!


Forum and Website / Suggestion for "processing" new users
« on: November 27, 2020, 09:31:37 PM »
Some time ago there were serious troubles with spammer accounts. To avoid this new user posts have to be approved before becoming visible as forum posts. This has the unpleasant side effect that some posts slip under the "Recently Updated Topics" radar and have a risk of remain unanswered. Especially if they are placed in threads with some traffic by regulars. "EOS M" thread for example. Especially if said approval takes days, even weeks (yes, happened).

What about a process avoiding this: A new member will get a notification about mandatory user introduction (we have such a forum here). Notification includes a section about waiting for that post to become visible before posting in other areas.

Done, both problems adressed.

Found in feature list
"Vertical video shooting support".


Forum and Website / [Solved] Camera_Help wiki: No permission to edit
« on: September 06, 2020, 10:06:38 AM »
My 2nd account walter_schulz doesn't have change permissions to anymore. What's wrong?


August 12, 2026 before sunset the last leg of a total eclipse will hit the north-west part of Spain.,_2026

What about a meeting there and doing some magic? With or without lanterns, of course!
I think Lago Enol will give the opportunity for some great shots.
Just fill in the name in a search engine of your choice and check the views.
Lago Enol is located in the Picos de Europa (fantastic for motorbikes)  and nearby Bilbao (where to begin ... look it up, please) and León.

If there are serious concerns about the location I would really appreciate your input.


Just to please my inner cat.

General Chat / Web video conferences and eye contact: Any solution?
« on: May 05, 2020, 08:32:02 PM »

The thing bothering me most (and I know I'm not the only one) is about missing eye contact.
Cam is mounted on top of monitor or - best currently available - in the frame itself. You have to concentrate to look into the lens but even if I'm able to do it - and I fail a lot - it just feels weird.

Q: Is there a solution for this?
Don't tell me I'm the first one asking this! Idea: Some second/third cam streaming into PC and processed by an (almost) almighty GPU doing something related to (late and lamented) light-field cam.
Result: I look into the eye displayed in the monitor during the conversation and on the other side: vice versa (sorry, lame pun).

General Chat / Pledge: Working on primer "ML's Haunted House of Cards"
« on: March 16, 2020, 02:01:30 PM »
Planned was leaving Peru on 27th of March. National emergency has other ideas about that and traveling around is not an option either.

Will do some work on a primer about handling flash memory cards to kill time.

General Chat / Q: Flash cards and power consumption/thermal management?
« on: February 17, 2020, 05:16:18 PM »

Is there any hard data (aka: measurements) covering power consumption/thermal management for various flash devices (SD-card, micro-SD, CFexpress; SLC, MLC, eMLC) performing write operations?

EDIT: MLC includes TLC, QLC.

Is the doctor in?
I'm traveling with 100D (planning to come back end of March 2020) and just a few hours ago liveview went nuts.
Build in use at the time was crop_rec_4k_2018.Jul22.100D101 (by jenkins@nightly)

Changened lenses after some video shots (mlv_rec + mlv_snd), went to liveview for some stills and a bright screen was shown with ML status bars top and bottom. Brightness didn't change with aperture/exposure time/ISO. Sometimes power off won't work.
Tried resetting to ML defaults, restoring Canon settings, pressing SET at startup, running cam without card, with different builds, with different cams.
I started cam in M mode, Tv, Av and tried battery (only on with me) and external power supply.

- Most of the time screen is bright when starting LV with ML status bars. Pressing LV button switches off LV, pressing again brings back bright screen with status bars.
- With bright screen on I press Play button and last pic shows up. Pressing LV button again, screen shows last pic (normal brightness) with ML status bars. Pressing LV button again -> Canon menu as it should be. Pressing LV again: Black screen with ML status bars.

Sometimes I manage to softbrick the cam. Haven't found out why and when yet.
Looks like non-LV pics are working fine.

@alex: UTC-5 here (if it matters)

EDIT: Movie mode LV is laggy (looks like fps override) and freezes at times.
EDITEDIT: Got LV back in photo mode. Sluggish. Looks like some serious fps override. Useable, still.
3rdEDIT: in Movie tab FPS override was turned off but numbers to the right were in the area! Canon setting: PAL 1080@25 ... Changed to NTSC and changed 1080p modes. Numbers are back to normal.
Funny: Let cam rest in Canon menu while I wrote, switched back to LV and everything looks ok now. No lag anymore. Do I have to understand what was going on?

General Chat / South America - ML users around?
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:41:06 PM »

Will get on the motobike on Monday for a 5-month trip up and down the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentinia and whereever my bike will tell me to go). Part of the trip is getting back into photography. Somehow lost grip some time ago, unfortunately.
If there are ML users wanting to show me some places not featured in Lonely Planets I would appreciate it a lot. Interested in Urbex, architecture, landscape or just having a good time.
Drop a line via PN. English, please! Eager to learn spanish but somehow spanish and I are in a difficult relationship.

General Chat / "Les Numeriques" covers Magic Lantern
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:45:12 PM »
... and because Je ne parle pas français I have no idea if they are doing it well.

Just curious ...
This lens is available for Canon, Nikon and Sony FE. What puzzles me profoundly:
Aperture Blades    9 (Canon), 7 (Nikon), 13 (Sony FE)
Never heard of aperture blades depending on lens mount before! Any insight would be appreciated!

Forum and Website / "Recently updated topics" changed?
« on: May 11, 2019, 10:37:33 AM »
Few moments ago "Recently updated topics" looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Given the spam induces validation period (which may take days) this will lead to new member's questions slipping under the radar and likely left unanswered.
Any reason why time frame for Recently updated topics has been changed?

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