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Feature Requests / [PICTURE STYLE] Colour accent
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:43:17 PM »
did a search and couldn't find it mentioned anywhere... also had a browse through the requests and couldn't see it

didn't know it was called colour accent until today so please excuse my dullards explanation below:

the canon powershot sx230 has a feature where you can point the camera at an object and it will then filter your shots so that they are black and white except objects that are the same colour as the one you 'set' at the beginning. Think New York cabs in yellow, everything else b&w etc

maybe an expandable bracket of colour using the dials to get more (or less) things close to that colour e.g. grass over a distance - different shades of green plus different varieties etc

i know this is possible in post for photos but don't know if it is for vids? also, you could spend ages doing it for it to turn out rubbish?! it could be good to compose in LV

hope it was worth suggesting

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