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Dan Dennedy(of Kino and MLT fame) released the first peek of the new multitrack timeline function of his free, cross-platform NLE called Shotcut.

It shows great promise, so check it out!

More info on the release:
Release notes:
Get the latest betas from here:

Raw Video / Opening RAW in Avisynth with Sashimi plugin
« on: June 07, 2013, 11:03:44 PM »
I came across a plugin which deals with all sorts of RAW files:
The docs are quite detailed of various raw formats and also on bitrate conversion(source included too).

This shows some resemblance with the original image, but I haven't found the correct way to open the files yet.
Code: [Select]
RawReader("M03-1651.RAW", "RGB", 1280,720,packing="14")

There is a packing parameter, but I don't know the "packing" of Magic Lantern Raw. Would be great if Avi/Vapour-synth could import those files for further correction.
Avisynth is 8 bit only, but Vapoursynth supports higher bitrates too.

The thread on

Raw Video / Lossless compression of RAW
« on: June 04, 2013, 09:21:55 AM »
I just came across these guys.
Rawzor uses lossless image compression to compress camera raw images with zero loss in image quality or meta-information. Save up to 20% to 60% space, totally lossless. Get back the exact raw file, every byte of it. Compress your photos with absolutely no change in the original raw file.
Would it make any sense even thinking that the Camera's CPU would be fast enough to use this sort of compression and empty the buffer in time, so higher quality could be saved to SD cards? (As an alternative to the in camera 10 bit/12 bit conversion(is it a dead end?) or MJPEG conversion)?

Hardware and Accessories / Audio monitor cable
« on: December 16, 2012, 02:10:19 AM »
It is a lot of cable to run around with if you use the original canon usb phono cord and a phono to mini jackadapter and mini jack head  phones. Are there any alternatives? What do you guys use?

Share Your Videos / Dancing clouds
« on: October 11, 2012, 09:44:13 PM »
Today I noticed that the wind didn't move the clouds over the sky(that's very atypical in Denmark). So they stayed in place to do this little dance for me:
Magic Lantern: 5 fps + ISO 100(I wish I had a ND filter too)
Source-files converted with EyeFrame Converter
Edited in Lightworks(free) with 200% speed effect.
Exported as Matrox I Frame HD 250 bit
Converted to MP4 with EyeFrame Converter and uploaded to Vimeo.

Music by

Hardware and Accessories / Tripod suggestions?
« on: October 03, 2012, 03:39:55 PM »
I've been looking around for a good tripod for shooting video. I have a feeling that the Fancier 270a will be too low for me. What tripods would you guys recommend for 400,- euro or less?

EyeFrame Converter
Convert videos for hassle free import in Lightworks and lag-free playback on low-end computers with proxies. And convert exported files from Lightworks to a upload friendly format.
Lightworks is very picky on what video formats to import. EyeFrame Converter can convert most video files to the Lightworks friendly Matrox Mpeg2 I-Frame HD format. If this format is too heavy for your computer, use the convert to proxies option, which will produce low quality clips for a smooth editing process, which later can be swapped with high quality intermediate files for high quality export.

EyeFrame Converter will import and convert any file ffmbc/ffmpeg will open including mts, mov, avi, avs... and ML RAW.

EyeFrame Converter here.

RAW tutorial:
  • Drag and drop RAW files into the gui.
  • The conversion to dng and tiff will start automatically.
  • Preview by double left click thumbnail.
  • Hit convert.
  • Select the video format (+ proxies if needed).
  • Okay and the batch conversion will start.
- Btw. Time code and reel name can be edited by right click in coloum.
- The dcraw settings can be found and edited in "Documents/EyeFrame Data/dcraw.ini"

Lightworks: here.
Lightworks thread: here.

  • Convert Magic Lantern RAW files to dng, tiff and ex. Prores, DNxHD, MPEG2 I Frame HD and MJPEG.
  • Convert almost anything to a Lightworks(free) import friendly format(Matrox I-Frame HD).
  • Create a folder structure for intermediate(high quality), proxy(low quality) and current project files.
  • Convert to both intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in one go.
  • Convert to various Lightworks(pro) formats(ex. ProRes and DNxHD) in intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in one go.
  • Swap between intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in the current project folder.
  • Add, edit or reuse unique time code and reel name to selection and inject it in exported mov and mxf files(intermediate and proxy files converted from the same source file will get the same time code and reel name).
  • If source already have a time code or reel name then it will be used.
  • Convert Lightworks exported tif image sequences with similar named wav file.
  • Convert to an upload friendly mp4 format(for ex. YouTube or Vimeo).

  • Double-click the EyeFrame Converter icon to open.
  • Or drag and drop files on the EyeFrame Converter icon.
  • Play media file with double-left-click on thumbnails.
  • Open export settings with right-click.
  • Edit time code settings for selection with left-double-click on time code item.
  • Edit reel name settings for selection with left-double-click on reel name item.
  • Get media info by hitting the 'i' key. 
  • Delete media from list by hitting 'x' or 'del'.
  • Select all media by hitting 'a'.
  • Press Ctrl or Shift when left-clicking to select more items in one go.
Controls for video player(ffplay):
  • q, ESC - Quit.
  • f - Toggle full screen.
  • p, SPC -Pause.
  • a - Cycle audio channel.
  • v - Cycle video channel.
  • t - Cycle subtitle channel.
  • w - Show audio waves.
  • left/right - Seek backward/forward 10 seconds.
  • down/up - Seek backward/forward 1 minute.
  • mouse click - Seek to percentage in file corresponding to fraction of width.

The interface has changed, but the work flow remains the same.

How to use without proxies:
  • Double-click EyeFrame icon to open.
  • Drag and drop files to the GUI.
  • When you hit convert, say no to add proxies.
  • Import in Lightworks by "Create Link"
How to use with proxies:
  • When you hit convert, say yes to add proxies.
  • 3 folders will be created: Project, Intermediate and Proxy.
  • The Project will contain the proxy files as default.
  • The Intermediate will contain the Mpeg2 I-Frame HD files.
  • The Proxy folder will be empty.
  • In Lightworks import from the 'Project' folder and use 'Create Link' function.
  • Edit your video.
How to swap proxy and intermediate files:
  • When you're ready to export your edit in high quality, shut down the project in Lightworks.
  • Open EyeFrame Converter and select: 'Swap proxy and intermediate files'
  • Select the folder containing the Project, Intermediate and Proxy folders.
  • The Proxy files from the Project folder will now be moved to the Proxy folder and the Intermediate files will be moved to the Project folder.
  • Reopen your project in Lightworks. Now the high quality Intermediate files will be used. Export the project.
  • If you want to continue editing click 'Swap proxy and intermediate files' again and reopen your Lightworks project.
After spending days trying to figure out to get footage from my Canon 60D into Lightworks without having lagging playback(which all the LW included transcoding formats does and also the much talked about GoPro CineForm codecs on my ageing computer), I finally tried the Matrox Mpeg2 I-Frame HD Matrox codec, which Khaver has been mentioning for a long time, and I was really surprised not only did my files convert fast, but they also played without lagging in Lightworks in 1080P resolution. That made me so happy that I spend the night on coding a simple, no fuss(no settings) drag&drop batch converter GUI for ffmbc.exe to convert HD files to the Matrox Mpeg2 I-Frame HD format.

Magic Lantern Forum and Site Discussion / Recent posts in top forum bar?
« on: September 14, 2012, 09:58:47 AM »
How about adding "View the most recent posts on the forum" in the forum top bar(Home Help Search etc.)?

That's the function I use the most in the forum and adding it to the top as most other forums would be helpful. :)

With an informative post like this I think it would be very useful with a subforum for DSLR equipment(I'm sure that the ML users are the most well informed of the lot):
For budget options Pentax lenses are a far better choice. Very common and cheap. No concessions toward the image quality and fine m42 adapters cost 5 Euro on Ebay. My current favorites are: Pentax takumar super-multi-coated 50mm f1.4 (needs uv light treatment to get rid of the yellow color casts) and the MIR-24H 35mm f2. The MIR is sharp open, the Pentax after stopping down to f2 and both have a very nice bokeh. These cost between 50-100 euro. But if you take a 50mm f1.7. That one is great and a lot cheaper.

Aside for Pentax you can use Nikon, Olympus, Yashica, Tamron Adaptall lenses, Leica and loads of others with their own adapters.
Ricoh, Minolta should be avoided as they have the same problem as Canon FD.

 And maybe also a subforum for ML related software like Malcolm Debono's HDSLR Offloader or the EnfuseGUI.   

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