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Raw Video / Noise in the red channel
April 22, 2015, 11:09:53 PM

I've been recording RAW video with my 50D since December 2013. It took me 1.5 years to find out that the image noise level in the red channel is extremely high.
Take a look at this screenshot.

The t-shirt is plain red, no structure at all. But in my footage it's covered by a ton of low frequency noise.
For testing purposes, I separated chrominance from luminance in Resolve and took a look at the noise levels of both of them. Result: The luminance channel is almost noise-free, so are the blues and greens, but the reds look like this.

  • I'm using BMD Film to VisionLOG LUT.
  • I have highlight tone priority enabled and configured a ML digital ISO gain of +1.0 EV. In my tests, this has led to the best dynamic range. Dark areas are quite noisy, which is why I denoise my footage with Neat Video (just a tiny bit, there is no visible loss of detail)
  • I can't get rid of this noise with Neat Video, it's frequency is too low and the irregularity too high.
  • It doesn't matter wheter I denoise before the LUT is getting applied or afterwards.
  • I tested a second 50D on this behaviour. Same result.
  • When using the Linear to BMDFilm 4K LUT, the issue is almost invisible, but the more I try to grade it towards the gorgeous colors of the VisionLOG lut, the more appearant the noise gets.

Is this a known issue? Do you have any advice in terms of settings or post processing? Please keep in mind that I would like to get the best dynamic range and if the solution would noticeable reduce the DR, I ain't even averse to switch to another camera.

Best regards,

General Help Q&A / [50D] DualISO for video not working
December 26, 2013, 07:30:31 PM

DualISO is only working in photo mode for me. For testing purposes, I imported the DNGs in Lightroom right after extracting them out of the RAW file (via raw2dng) and they aren't interleaced. Of course cr2hdr says the same as me: "Doesn't look like interlaced ISO".

And no, I haven't forgotten to enable DualISO.
I'm using build 2013-11-12.

Does anybody use the 50D for RAW recording with DualISO? If yes, successfully? If yes, which build?

Best regards,

General Help Q&A / CF card suddenly read-only
November 02, 2013, 03:17:16 AM

I recorded a music video yesterday using the ML nightly build of the october 26th. Towards the end, the camera stopped working. Changed ML settings were not saved and at every boot the message "Camera was not shut down cleanly. Skipping module loading." appeared.

Later I've noticed that writing to the CF card (SanDisk Extreme UDMA 7) respectively mutating data is no longer possible. I can't neither format it on my PC nor directly in the camera. When I delete a picture, it's there again after the next boot (same issue on PC). It is completely read-only!

Can anyone help me?

Edit 1: CHKDSK stucks at 0 (zero) percent.
General Help Q&A / Recording with 24 fps
May 10, 2013, 07:48:49 PM
Hi there,

I record videos with 24 fps. Nevertheless, the fps number is set to 30 in the video file, so I wrote a batch which converts the videos with the correct framerate. I use Avidemux for that.
And here's the problem: If i set the destination framerate to 24 fps, the video file is being converted with 23.999 fps.
That's why the videos are stuttering.

Does anybody know a solution for my problem (e.g. another software)?

I've got a problem with my 50D: A specific subject looks overexposed in LiveView but when i shoot a picture with the same settings, the final picture is exposed correctly. Can I solve this problem?

Sincerely, eightcore
General Help Q&A / Record Video with fix exposure
October 02, 2012, 08:54:20 PM
Dear community,

is it (logically) possible to lock the aperture during vide recording?

Thanks in advance