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General Development / 40D Firmware assembly
« on: August 29, 2013, 12:45:13 AM »
I've been trying to build the .FIR file loader for a 40D running v1.1.1 (in-line with the version required in the Mercurial repository). I had followed the instructions on and had done the following to build a firmware loader:

  • Compile an autoexec.bin file for the 40D.
    make 40D
    • Download a copy of the firmware for the 40D (v1.1.1) from Canon's website, and extract the original .FIR file from the archive
    • Compiled and run dissect_fw3 to extract the pieces of the loader.
      ./dissect_fw3 40d00111.fir 40D 40D
    • Attempt to assemble using assemble_fw.
      ./assemble_fw --header 40D_0_header.bin --flasher 40D_1_flasher.bin --user autoexec.bin --id 0x80000190 --output 40d00111-ML.fir
    • Copy the new firmware and ML files from the distribution to a CF card.

    Flashing this gives me working nav controls, but a blank LCD screen, even when pressing "play", "del", or "menu". Is this a deficit in my FIR file construction, or a ML issue?

    (I'd actually be perfectly fine with trying to compile a "bootflag" firmware update, so that I don't necessarily have to reassemble a FIR file every time I want to update from the Mercurial repository.)

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