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Hi all,

I have shown this video before, but i made a few small adjustments and really wanted to share it again.
It was almost completely shot on the 5D mark III with ML RAW (there are 2 shots in here shot with the bmpcc and 1 shot on the 7D with the regular codec)
Edited in Premiere and graded in Davinci Resolve with Impulz, after this it was imported in After Effects and upscaled to 4k, then sharpened and i added 4k film grain to make the upscale more realistic.
Hope you guys like it! I will upload a blogpost about grading this piece soon on my website:

Most of the locations were in Belgium.

Make sure to watch in 4k!

Share Your Videos / Sincerely, the Past (urbex mini doc) 5D mark III RAW
« on: December 01, 2014, 01:00:50 AM »
No doubt more people know of the existence of the sony urbex competition so without going in too many details, here is my entry:
It has been shot on a few different famous urbex sights throughout Belgium (with 2 exceptions)

Completely shot in ML RAW on the 5D mark III with a lens kit containing the samyang 14,24,35,85mm and the canon 24-105 F4L.
A glidecam HD-2000 and a igus slider was used for the smooth stuff.

Graded in Resolve using the fantastic Impulz LUT's.

Hope you guys like it.

General Help Q&A / Zacuto EVF and magic lantern problems?
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:36:49 PM »
I've been experiencing a lot of problems with the magic lantern nightly build on the 1.2.3 firmware.
Whenever im using the Zacuto EVF pro with my 5D mark III i have to keep unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI cable to get a picture on it.
Whenever i switch from photo mode to video mode it juste gives me blue screen with no signal on the EVF.
However, when i unplug the HDMI and put it back in (in the camera) it works.
This is very time consuming to do every time, also the same problem occurs when i'm toggling the camera off and on.
Is this build related, firmware related or hardware related?
Is it just me or do some of you guys also experience the same problem?

Hardware and Accessories / Komputerbay 1050x 128gb problem!
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:17:20 AM »
Hey Guys,

Well i'm having a bit of an issue with this card.
I shot a video clip on a KB 64gb 1000x and a 128gb 1050x
When shooting on the 128gb, out of nowhere the camera said it couldn't acces to card 1 and that i need to replace or format it.
When trying to open it on my iMac (using the Kingston USB 3.0 reader as suggested) it says the disc can not be accessed by the computer, i can only choose initialize, ignore or remove media.
Now i don't want to initialize/format the card, since there is still some very important data on the card! can anyone help me?

Hi Guys,

Me and my team entered the 48 hour film project in Utrecht last September and made this short movie.
We won prizes for best actor, best movie by audience and best movie by jury!
This short will also be shown at the filmpalooza festival in New Orleans coming March!

For those who are not familiar with the 48 hour film project, it's a project held worldwide where filmmakers get the opportunity to make a short movie within a very short time (48 hour) and compete with other film makers.
The idea is that you make the complete movie within this timeframe, not use a pre written script or anything.
To make sure that you have not pre written anything or filmed they give you a few rules/elements for in the movie.
The film length needs to be within 4 to 7 minutes.
Each year all the teams are given elements for in their movie, the elements of Utrecht were:
Character name: Johannes/Johanna Achterdijk
Profession: Mailman/woman
Sentence: One for now and one for the road
Prop: Cheese
With these elements you must make a movie, these elements are te same for all the teams within that weekend, the only difference between teams is the genre.
Our genre was: Comedy.
Friday at 19:00 these elements were given, and you must write, film and edit your film within 48 hour so you can deliver the movie that following sunday before 19:00.

A bit about the workflow:
We shot in RAW with 1920x818 (we only had one 128gb 1000x CF card from computer bay, the other one broke down when we wanted to start....)
We made proxy's with davinci resolve, edit with Final cut pro 7 while our colorist just color graded the raw files (without XML, there was no time to wait for an XML file)
Grading was done with the OSIRIS LUT for basic grading and then added a lot of purple for the interior and orange for outside.
Lens kit consisted of:
14mm Samyang T3.1
28mm Zeiss distagon F2.0
35mm Zeiss distagon F2.0
50mm Zeiss planar F1.4
85mm Zeiss planar F1.4
Canon 100m F2.8L Macro

We had a dolly/jib with rails of 3 meters, grip was a Gini Rig with follow focus, a Zacuto EVF Pro and a cheap preview monitor with 15 meters HDMI (worked flawlessly with this range)
Lighting was completely done with a 2x1m reflector/flag screen to block or bounce light and for the hallway and nightshots we used 2 800w redheads with one equipped with a Chimera soft box.

Hope you guys enjoy the movie, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Share Your Videos / RAW 5D mark III Videoclip "Vieze Jack" (Dutch)
« on: July 24, 2013, 05:01:09 PM »
Hi Guys,

This video was shot with a 2 man crew for camera/light in 1 day.
It was all shot in 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio since the Komputerbay 128gb CF card 1000x was used which doesn't record 1080p continuously.
The clip was shot in both 1920p 24fps as well as 1856p 50fps.

My workflow was as following:
-Conform RAW files to CinemaDNG's with RAW Magic
-Use Automator script to add a "C" to the filenames so Davinci recognizes it as movie files instead of folders.
-Create Proxies with Davinci Resolve Lite.
-Edit in Final cut pro 7.
-Export XML for roundtrip to Davinci.
-Import XML in Davinci and manually relink footage to original CinemaDNG files.
-Graded in Davinci while primarily using "Captain Hook's BMCCfilm2Vid LUT" (found here: and added sharpening/reducing pink dots.
- Export and import again in Final cut pro 7.
- Key out the greenscreen, add background, added the final master of the song and added some sound effects.
- Export using compressor with a high bitrate for minimal quality loss on youtube.

And there you have it, my workflow for this videoclip.
The song itself is a parody on the song "Jack" by "Breach"

Hey guys, just wanted to share some info i found out when using Davinci Resolve.
I had some problem with pink highlights, especially when i wanted to sharpen my video.
After some trial and error i found a way to decrease the pink highlight and gain better sharpness without boosting the pinkyness.

RAW file with color space set to BMD Film for maximum Dynamic Range

CC'ed shot with sharpening applied

CC'ed shot with sharpening and pink removal

Basically what i did was to add a layer mixer node as very last step as you can see here:

The layer mixer node composite needs to be set to add in order to work for this removal.
Now the two nodes it created before the final layer mixer node are the ones where going to work in.
Set the top node to 0% saturation and pull down the Y gain on the bottom node like this:

Now what we did was separate the Chrominance from the luminance, this means that the top node contains the information of exposure and the bottom node contains the information about the color.
If we add a simple sharpening to the top node it only sharpens the black and white channels and doesn't touch the color noise meaning a cleaner/sharper image than you would have with normal sharpening.

Now we added some sharpening to the top node so we need to do the opposite thing to the bottom node.
So go ahead and open the sharpen/blur tab for the bottom node.

Make sure that you turn off the gang button (it's the tiny shackles on the top left in the picture above), this gives you access to adjust the levels individually.
Now these are the settings that worked for me in this picture, just try it on your picture because the settings could of course be a bit different.
If you pull up (meaning less color) the red channel radius you will see that the pink highlight is disappearing together with the red color noise if you shot at higher ISO's.
Now you can use the other 2 channels too to remove some more unwanted color noise, and this trick only removes the color from that color noise meaning more detail with noise reduction turned on instead of blurring the whole picture as the normal noise reduction does.

And there you have it, less noise, no pink highlights and a sharper picture WITHOUT losing detail!
Now i wouldn't say that this is the best or only way, it's just the only way i found out to do this.
Hopefully it could help some of you guys :)

P.s. sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language

Share Your Videos / 5D mark 3 RAW test + Davinci Resolve
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:21:58 PM »
Went on a few photo shoots and decided to shoot a bit of video too.
Still learning Davinci Resolve, tried to create a 80's washed out look, no full colors and no complete black to white spectrum.
All files where converted to Cinema DNG and had to find out how to lose the pink highlight, after a few tries i found a way to filter out the chrominance and luminance separate so i could get rid of the pinkyness without too much loss of detail and color.

Most of the footage was shot on 1920 width (2.35) except the footage of the abandoned castle, it was shot on 1600 pixels width because i only got the Komputerbay 128gb 1000x for one week now, that shoot was 2 weeks ago.

Btw, Komputerbay themselve don't suggest using the 128gb 1000x cards for the ML hack, they suggest using the 64 or 32gb ones because of higher speeds.
Just some advice i got from them through mail

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