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Feature Requests / Option to remove crop box
« on: June 07, 2013, 02:25:34 AM »
Any way of having an options to not display the crop box? Preferably 1 option to disable it in 1x mode, and another to disable it in 5x crop mode.  In 5x crop mode, options such as force left causes the crop boxes to appear non-symetrical (off to the left) as to be a little distracting and makes it harder to visualize composition.  It's already a small challange visualizing the larger recording area beyond the canon preview.  Similar problem exists when using certain external hdmi monitors (SmallHD DP4, Swift, etc), but in that scenario, both 1x and 5x crop modes show the crop marks incorrectly, so having an option to disable them would solve both problems.

I have been using 1:1 crop mode extensively and it works great.  But when switching back and forth between crop mode and regular mode, I would like to be able to maintain my fps at 23.976 and shutter to more or less (180 degree).... but especially fps.   In practice, it is very cumbersome to switch back and forth if you use crop mode a lot.  FPS override does not maintain my fps when switching modes, and the shutter value always changes as well.   Being able to punch in 3x is an amazing feature, but the constant trips to the menu to adjust everything to maintain my frame rate and shutter is leading to mistakes.  So when I shot 100 clips yesterday, I ended up with a handful of clips where the fps were or  This would be a very helpful addition.  Thank you for listening.

P.S.  I posted something similar in the following thread but realized it would be better placed here for consideration.

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