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Raw Video Postprocessing / Davinci Resolve struggles
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:12:41 AM »
The struggle: coming up with project settings that help my outputted video match how it looked in Resolve.

I'm working with the latest beta of Resolve 15 (free version). I spent a bunch of time getting recommendations on how to set up my preferences in Resolve. I tried a few setups but my output is coming out with boosted blown out highlights when I bring them into Premiere. I'm resigned to maybe have to start this from scratch. For this last attempt, I set all the color settings to Arri Log C. I've tried many others.

Anyone have a bullet proof (or bullet resistant) workflow?

Also, in case it's not clear, the files being used in Resolve are the DNG sequences from Switch.

Shooting RAW obviously takes up a lot of space. Shooting standard video does not. I often switch back and forth from RAW to standard video as I switch from shooting b-roll to interviews. It'd be great if it were possible to specify where standard video and RAW video gets recorded to. It would be very beneficial to be able to specify that RAW records to the CF card and that standard video records to the SD card.

Raw Video / Can't turn on BEEPS on 5Diii with 1.2.3
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:46:28 PM »
I've been unable to turn on beeps at the start and stop of recording. I recall hearing beeps in the past. Anyone know how to turn them on? Or if it's even possible? I can play the test tones in the ML Audio settings, but they don't turn up anywhere else. I'm using a Nightly Build from August 7th on a 5Diii with the later 1.2.3 firmware.

The reason it's suddenly become a concern is that recently (yesterday) I stepped up to 1.2.3 with an external monitor hooked up and HDMI mirroring on. It's been a miracle for my being able to get good focus. I wish I had some basic overlays on the external monitor but I having them all over on the Canon screen works fine when you get used to it. One issue is that you really concentrate your eyes on external monitor while you're shooting. If the camera stops recording and there's no beep, you really might not notice. Don't want to keep a nine minute scene going if a camera blip stops recording a minute into the take.

Is this an issue for others or just something I'm doing? Searched around and can't find anyone with the same issue.

I've been playing with FCP 7 and AfterEffects CC to get vertical only image stabilization but I've had no luck. Anyone else been thinking this makes sense for handheld footage shot at 1920x1152? 72 extra lines of resolution should be more than enough for a final 1080 image. The solutions I've been finding in FCP and AE stabilize both the vertical and horizontal and do scaling. I'd like to just stabilize vertically to get a little of the jitter out of it. Been searching internet and here and haven't found any solutions.

After five days of time lapse of artists painting a commissioned mural, the Canon didn't start up the next morning. It seems to be bricked. I've tried all the recommended procedures. No luck. Gonna send it back to Canon.

Anyone have experience sending broken cameras to Canon that have Magic Lantern installed?

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