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General Chat / Sensor Sampling and Dual ISO
« on: August 20, 2013, 02:41:08 AM »
This may be a stupid question for you, and sorry if it is but I have to ask.
The dual iso mode changes the way in which sensor is sampled, right? Since it reads every other line at different ISO. Would it be possible to change the way in which sensor samples the image on cameras other than 5DmIII so that we would get rid of the line skipping and kill moire? Maybe make the image sharper along the way.

Raw Video / Canon 650D/T4i RAW Video Thread
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:49:48 PM »
Here's a thread for Canon 650D/T4i RAW Video that nanomad suggested so you can keep your 650D RAW discussions here ;)

General Chat / Could 700d/t5i firmware be ported on 650d/t4i?
« on: April 27, 2013, 07:20:47 PM »
Hi guys,
I was wondering whether at some point you could use the 700d firmware to restore the Video crop mode on the 650d? Since 700d has it and 650d doesn't as you already know. 700D should have been a firmware update for the 650d not a new model. I don't know what Canon is doing these days but I sure don't like it. I'm a life long Canon customer and the only reason I'm still using Canon is Magic Lantern. It will cost them a lot if they continue this business model, seriously they should pay you for what you are doing, they should hire you to develop their official firmwares because they don't care about customers as much as you do obviously, and they are getting paid for not giving a ****. It amazes me that you are doing all you are for free. Develop your own camera! :)

I was just wondering how Red's HDRx works and how does it differ from Magic Lantern's HDR video? They say that there it records to tracks of video simultaneously, without time gap between properly exposed frames and what they call highlight protection. They also say that ISO and Shutter speed/or angle don't change. How does it work then?

Hi people of Magic Lantern,
I recently bought a 650D, as soon as it came out in fact, before the tests on the internet and everything. When I came home I was disappointed to find out that the image quality in video mode was almost the same as 550d and 600d if not exactly the same. I was expecting that there would be no line skipping because of the new processor, and that maybe image quality would be somewhat better, especially in the details. So what I want to ask is - would it be possible theoretically to disable line skipping or find any other way to fix moire issues with a firmware hack? Also, because it now has a faster processor would it be possible to enable higher bitrates and higher framerates? The last thing I wanted to ask is would clean HDMI be possible and how would it improve the image quality?
I've been a Canon user since I was a kid when I used to film with their 8mm camcorders, I've never had a camera that is not Canon. Therefore I am bitterly disappointed that Canon launched a camera in 2012 that has no image quality improvements over the 550d which was launched in early 2010, especially when pocket size cameras like Nex 5n now have better picture quality than Canon with much less moire and aliasing issues. I was not expecting that kind of neglect, arrogance, and lack of competitiveness from Canon. Since I cannot return my 650D, because I bought it in another country I am only hoping that firmware hacks can make up for this bad investment.
All the best to you guys, and thank you in advance!

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