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Hello A1ex and team,

it would be great to have audio out over the normal usb-cable for the usage of audio monitoring with dslr-controller from chainfire (android) - I use it with the 7D, it´s great even with ML, but it´s annoying, that the audio is only displayed by dslr-controller with the 5DIII and ? - if it´s possible, please include the audio out for the 7d!

If you need someone for testing, just PM me :-)

BTW: Could you please reimplant the missing audio-controls in the 7D ( I have tried and found no bugs, just leave the wind filter away, the rest is working:

Many thanks,


User Introduction / Hello from Germany
« on: September 03, 2012, 03:10:20 PM »
Hello together,

my Name is Sukram ... ähm ... Markus and I´m from germany. I´m enthusiasted Canon fotographer for private terms (of course) and sometimes for productions (f.e. food advertising or for restaurants). Well, my english is not the best, but I´ll try my best :-)
At the moment I´m interested in hepling to support the ML for the "old" 5D because she´s my all-day "darling" - for other purposes (fast clicks) I´m using a 400D and my two little girls are using a 300D. Differnt sort of glass available.

Hope to have fun with ML-Forums!



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