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Dear all,

With encouragement from dmilligan and youtube tutorial from Mathew Kelly, I have successfully built my first custom autoexec.bin
file with some spotmeter mods in the zebra.c file.  This new feature is working in my 5D2 now :)

Now I have got my Virtualbox 4.3.28 mostly working except copy & paste from host (win7 home premium 64) to VM.
Running gcc4.8.3 here based on the ML code I copied from bitbucket on June 29, 2015.

What would be the next logical step for me?   Does any one have a road map how to venture into ML development?

What is the official procedure to submit and merge my mods to the nightly?  What if someone else is also
working on the zerbra.c file? Is TortoiseHG an answer?  I had no clue what a pull request or commit was until
I looked this up:

But even then I have no clue about the overall process.

Any pointers in the overall process will be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Feature Requests / Quickie: % readout for RGB spot meter
« on: October 20, 2014, 06:39:59 AM »
Hello ML team,

Is it simple to add a % readout option to the RGB spot meter?
Right now it is hEX: e.g.  CDBFB1
It would be nice to be able to display %R %G %B.   e.g. 80%, 76%, 70%. 
This way one can tweak skin tone easier in camera, similar to using lightroom % display.

Feature Requests / Focus priority on 5D2 during burst mode with ai servo?
« on: October 13, 2014, 04:33:07 PM »
Dear Magic Lantern Team:

Happy Thanksgiving for those in Canada & Happy Columbia Day for those in the US!
On 5D2, is it possible to force "focus priority" for the 1st shot taken in burst mode with ai servo?
That would be great help as 5D2 is defaulted to "release priority" for the 1st picture taken in burst mode during ai servo.
Focus priority is only turned on for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc... in burst mode under ai servo.  (assuming only centre point focus is used)

When bounced flash is used (meaning high flash power), many times the 1st pic in the sequence will get enough light yet out of focus.
The 2nd shot in the sequence will get the focus correct but it won't get enough flash light due to the relatively long recycling time of the flash.

Thanks & any workaround/pointers will be appreciated!

Feature Requests / Set custom WB based on skin tone
« on: October 06, 2014, 07:12:10 PM »
In portrait shooting, often the correct WB out of a grey card is not the most pleasing WB.
The best WB for portraits is the WB that produces the most pleasing skin tone!

It would be nice to WB based on a skin tone (note not the tradition sense of WB on skin, making skin grey)
When you "WB" on a skin tone, you want that skin to record in a tone the photographer wants.

User Interface:

1) Allow a few presets to store pleasing skin tone values  (input by user).
e.g. EABD9D

(skin tone rgb value reference here:    )

2) In RGB spot meter view, make sure spot meter is pointing at the skin area you want to
balance. e.g. forehand of a person.  (use averaging of pixels if needed)

3) Press a button to "WB" this skin using the selected skin tone value EABD9D.

4) Done! WB of the camera should now be set such that the next shot will record a skin tone
for the same person a value of EABD9D in the forehead!   I guess it doesn't have to be
exactly EABD9D. Just keep the R:G:B ratio the same when setting custom WB.
This will save a great deal of time in adjusting skin tone in post!
I believe this ML feature would be a game changer for portrait shooters.
Is this possible? Thanks ML team!

Shot portraits with raw with ETTR. It is understood that the jpeg preview will be overexposed. Is it possible
to darken the jpg and jpg preview with ML automatically? e.g. if 1 stop over-exposed in raw, then apply 1 stop darkening
to the preview jpg. (this darkening level can be adjusted manually too, if need be, as the photographer knows how much overexpo there is in studio
with the incident light meter)
This will keep the model happy during the shoot and at the same time details in the dark clothing can be preserved too.
Moreover, camera jpg can be used directly without raw processing off camera. Thanks!

Hello ML team:

Can the following adjustments be made more convenient?

1) Shooting in M mode and fixing aperture to f2.2 (selectable)
2) Need to keep shutter speed at or over e.g. 1/320S (selectable)
3) Use ISO to obtain proper exposure.

Right now doing it manually:

In M mode, when ambient is bright, I keep f at 2.2, ISO to 100 and set shutter to a value
to obtain proper exposure. (this value is usually faster than 1/320 for bright ambient)

When ambient level has come down, ISO 100 cannot sustain a shutter speed 1/320 or faster.
Then I will have to up the ISO to 160 or 320 or 640 to compensate, keeping the shutter speed to
at least 1/320.

Is it possible for ML to give me a single dial to achieve this shutter speed/ISO  trade off?

e.g. as you rotate the dial, the settings will change e.g. as follows (from left to right, from bright to dark)

f stays at a fixed value e.g. 2.2
ISO            ...100    100     100... 100    160     160    320    320     640    640...
Shutter ...1/2000 1/1000 1/500... 1/320 1/400 1/320  1/400 1/320 1/400 1/320...

Note I am not asking for auto exposure. I will use the built-in meter and histogram to determine proper
exposure. I just need an convenient way to trade ISO for shutter speed.

This would be very handy when shooting outdoor portraits when the sun comes in and out of the cloud
frequently. BTW, ISO 160, 320 & 640 were selected because of better noise performance in jpg.


My apology if this feature exists already. I have done searches in ML & google already but I can't find anything on it.

In manual live view video recording, I find myself having to switch between focus peaking and false color a lot
for every new scene to nail down on focus and exposure. If we have a hotkey to toggle between each
active overlap (without going into ML manual), it would be very handy.  (just toggling on/off falsecolor is helpful enough)

Thanks the ML team for the great job!  :)

Feature Requests / Sharpest Shot Selector
« on: February 19, 2014, 09:39:29 AM »
Would it be possible to select the sharpest shot out of a continuous burst?
Then keep the sharpest shot and delete the rest?
Would the jpg with the largest file size likely be the sharpest pic?

I think this feature would be useful in shooting hand-held with still subjects like landscape.

Thanks for reading this!

Dear ML development team, ML2.3 is so great! U r amazing! Thanks!

Photo feature suggestion:  (should work for video too)
Pleasing Portrait/skin tone white balance by sample image comparison

I find a lot of post-production time is spent on WB adjustment on my portraits.
Grey card can give u an accurate WB but it doesn't always give u the most pleasing
skin tone.  It would be nice if I can upload some "protected sample images" to the CF card
and compare these sample portraits, which has great skin tone, to every picture I am taking.

This way, I can adjust my WB or WB shift accordingly to give the best skin tone directly out of the
camera, saving a lot of post-production work!    You can also simply the WB tweak procedure by
letting me tweak the captured photo and apply the tweaked WB to the next photo I am going to take.

Here is the procedure I envision:

1) upload one or more than one portrait with great skin tone into the CF card with ML installed
2) ML will protect these images from formatting
3) Take a picture
4) Display the picture immediately taken side by side with the selected sample pic
5) Allow user to adjust the WB of the picture just taken using K and WB-shift etc
6) save the WB setting as set 1  (different set due to different skin tone for different people)
7) Take the 2nd pic.  This 2nd pic should have the most pleasing WB for skin, if the shooting condition doesn't change.
8) If the shooting location/condition changes, repeat 3-7

Thank you for listening!

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