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General Chat / MAGIC LANTERN - my close friend
« on: February 10, 2020, 12:24:38 PM »
Magic Lantern has become for me like an exquisite pair of gloves. In whatever way you move your hands they are just there, snug, close fitting and gently warming your hands helping you in any way needed to do your work...
Thanks again for all your work and effort in producing such a fantastic tool and on top of it all just for free
Being an artist not getting much money from my films I am really grateful for this tool that makes my work keeping a high quaility without costing a fortune (working with a Canon 5D mk III that I got cheaply
because its shuttercount had passed 500 000!! Keeping my thumbs for it to continue to work...)
/ olof 😀

PS I look forward to an eventual continuation on mk IV (more fps/higher resolution)....DS

Is it possible to see the exposure metadata in MLV?
/ olof 😀

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