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I have a Sandisk Extreme 16Gb card that when I put into any of my cameras none will turn on.  I should say that all of my cameras have Magic Lantern on them, but I did test normal ML behaviors with a blank Lexar that I have – i.e. camera works fine my ML not loaded. 

The only reason I’m posting this in the Magic Lantern forum is that the only time I have ever seen this behavior is when I accidentally put my 7D ML card in my 5DII (or some other combination of non-unified release card from one camera to another).  So I am wondering if the behavior I'm seeing with a possibly corrupted card might be ML related.

I had been using it on my 5DIII fairly regularly before I had this problem.  I re-formatted it on my PC and it seemed to work again, but after using it once more, taking it out to transfer images and putting it back it the camera I had the same issue.

The strange thing is that I never lost any photos because I can read and write to the card through a card reader on my PC.  I tried formatting it (low level this time) on my PC, but no change.
I’ve already ordered a replacement, but before I toss this card I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what might be up with it.  It just seems such a weird behavior, I mean even if the card door is left open you get the red light blinking, but with this, nothing.

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Anyone try clicking on 'Don't click me!', just to see what happens?  I'm tempted!

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