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Hello everybody ;).

Now that we have raw histograms and AUTO-ETTR, I was wondering if it was possible to merge several raw histogram in order to have one histogram that represents the whole scene and then maybe we could use a ETTR-like method to adjust the settings (iso or shutter speed or focal). It would be very usefull for panorama makers (either 360° pano makers and just landscapes pano makers).

Just one example to clarify what I mean: Let's say I'm in a room, I have a Wide-angle lens, I want to shoot a 360° pano of the room but I have to shoot in manual mode and keep the same setting for all the shots. The thing is to choose the correct expo settings and it can be very tricky even in simple situations. So would it be possible, for example to be in live view and collect raw histogram of 4 differents places in the room (without moving shutter system like in silent mode, "just" collect from liveview) and then merge them in one raw histogram (or other methods) and use ETTR-like methode to adjust our expo settings so we're "sure" (there may be exceptions) to have the best exposition?

It's just a thought but I think it would be another plus for ML. Let me say what you think, and if you think it's doable.

PS: When I say "merge raw historgam", I mean "add up quantities of black/white/middle in one histogram". I don't know if you understand what I mean ;)?

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