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Share Your Videos / 600D RAW Sunrise
« on: September 30, 2019, 08:56:50 AM »
This has been sitting on my HDD for a couple of years. It brought back memories...
I've sold my 600D a while back, but to this day I remain impressed by the filmic quality a always got from this camera.
Even though it was only 1600x680, it looks better to my eye than a footage I get from EOS M or 700D in significantly higher res. Basically, I cannot reproduce the feel I got from that camera.. sigh  :-\
I think that that "feel" is coming from MLRawViewer I was using to transcode the MLV files. As much as i love MLVApp, I miss so much this "magic" of MLRawViewer.
Here is the comparison I did between these two:


Share Your Videos / EOS M RAW good for corporate work :-)
« on: September 30, 2019, 08:38:32 AM »
Want to share this with you guys. This is my 4th paid video I did for this company with ML RAW.
It's so much fun to shoot and edit this way and again, thanks to all of you devs who are contributing to this project. You are doing a terrific job!

Here are some technical specs:
EOS M + 11-22mm only (with instant 3x crop on SET button you have basically 11-22mm + 33-66mm in one package, no need to change lenses if the lighting is good)
Zhiyun Crane M2 (freakin love this gimbal, like it was made for EOS M :), such a well thought out design and you can adjust loop response to your liking)
Variable ND
1080 MCM rewire
25 fps
1/33 - 1/50
ISO 100 - 1600 (next time I will use faster lens for indoor shots, ISO1600 was too much, I needed to denoise some of the shots)
MLVApp 1.9
Tonemapped preset
-all correction done in MLVApp (this app is getting crazy good..)
-applied custom LUT (for a slight color remapping)
-exported to 4K from MLVApp
-edited in 4K
-final render in 1080p


Hi there!

I love MLRawViewer so much, mainly for its C-Log profile and simplicity of use, but it bugged me that it won't open 10bit and 12bit .MLV files.
Also another thing was, that i could't fix black level issues so I had to fix those corrupted files in MLVProducer instead.

So I created this Windows batch script for mlv_dump to help me with all of this.

Code: [Select]
if not exist ".\MLV_Fixed_14bit_2048" mkdir .\MLV_Fixed_14bit_2048
for %%f in (*.MLV) do mlv_dump -o .\MLV_Fixed_14bit_2048\%%f.MLV -b 14 --black-fix=2048 %%f

It's super simple. You just copy this .bat file along with mlv_dump.exe to a folder with your .MLV files and run the .bat file.
It will look for the .MLV files and "convert" them into 14bit. It also fixes the black level to value to 2048.
-note: you can edit the script for a different value

Now you can open those "converted" files with MLRawViewer  :).


Share Your Videos / Prague - 600D - ML RAW
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:44:55 PM »
Hi everyone!  :)

I want to share my video that I made about Prague city.

The entire video was shot on 600D in MLV.
I used latest nightly build.

Resolution was set to 1536x642p (2.39:1) 24 fps. Buffer would let me take 5 seconds worth of video at a time, so in my opinion - not that bad :)
Timelapse scenes were filmed using FPS override (somewhere between 0.2 fps and 1 fps, depending on the lighting conditions) mode at maximum resolution (1728x724p).

Lenses used: Tamron 10-24mm, EF-S 18-55mm (kit lens).
Stabilisation: Camtree Wonder-3

Exported to ProRes in MLRawViewer (C-Log applied). Edited and color corrected in Premiere CC (Osiris KDX LUT at 50% opacity).


Share Your Videos / 600D RAW short test video [1504x630]
« on: January 26, 2014, 10:23:43 PM »
Stabilized using Warp Stabilizer, so final resolution is a bit smaller, but still a good result.

Share Your Videos / 600D RAW - Short MTB video
« on: November 01, 2013, 08:47:32 PM »
So i was testing a new workflow with Ginger HDR and Premiere Pro. It is super awesome!  :)

Here are some specs:
Tragic Lantern 2.0 SixThirty build
SanDisk SDHC Extreme 45MB/s
resolution: (2.39:1) 1408x592p (@24 fps, global draw off) it gives about 180 frames (7 seconds) until buffer is filled
mic: Zoom H1
software dolly was used on some of the shots


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