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This video was shot in Lamu at Forodhani house in November 2014.
ML features used: ML Raw on 5D2, focus peaking, histograms, intervalometer, and many more!
The frequent prayer calls inspired me to record the call for a morning prayer and use it as background track, unfortunately the religious nature of the track didn't make the video viable commercially, to read more about this production please visit: to see the final version visit:

I fairly recently switched to mac and love it, but is there a way to stop the raw2dng app for mac to create the prores proxies? It takes extremely long and I am not using those anyway and would therefore speed up my already slow enough workflow immensely...

General Chat / Need help processing HDR video in lightroom with enfuse
« on: September 12, 2014, 04:17:34 PM »
I was hoping for someone to chime in on this one: I have to use a lot of HDR video at work to light interiors with big windows. As of recently I have started to use enfuse for lightroom for my stills, I like the results much better then the common HDR software like photomatix or similar produce and would like to use it to process HDR video, it has a batch function but for it to work you need to stack the images in pairs and I see no other way then doing this manually  by selecting two images, right vlivking and selecting from the drop down menu - with a clip of 10000plus frames this can potentially take forever, would anyone know a way around this? maybe to stack images via a script in lightroom or to make enfuse group the images in any other way? Any thought are much appreciated!

Share Your Videos / Living the dream in Kenya - a kite surf video
« on: September 01, 2014, 07:12:34 AM »
For more information on this video visit
ML features used: focus peaking, some RAW video, audio levels and histogram.

Share Your Videos / The Satao Table, help for the Elephants
« on: August 13, 2014, 07:52:29 PM »
For more information on this video visit:
To bid on one of the two tables visit:

Share Your Videos / Nairobi's most stunning villa - 5D2 RAW
« on: August 04, 2014, 08:48:41 PM »
Everything beside the aerial shots (from a GH3) was shot in RAW, thanks to all developers!

Share Your Videos / Saruni Ocean - 5D2 in ML Raw
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:58:26 AM »
Shot in ML Raw on the 5d2

Here is my problem: I shot an interview a while ago and have a long .raw file that had to be joined as the it was originally split over several files. I am on a mac and realized that the raw2dng app sometimes doesn't see joined files as supported (it does in some cases, in others not, still haven't figured out why...) MLRawviewer does however seem to convert them fine. The problem is that MLRawviewer  however does not appear to append the correct Camera type data to the dng files and consequently the footage can not be turned into log using the vision log profile which I need to do in order to match it with the rest of my footage.
Therefore I a now trying to amend the dng files converted with MLRawviewer using exiftool to get to enter the right camera data in order to be able to convert them to log, (cause I am way in over my head with this already) but I really can't seem to understand how to get this done, can anyone guide me through the process of how to attach the right camera data to dng files using the exiftool on a mac? thanks a lot in advance!

I've had it coming for a long time, but now that the motherboard of my work horse pc blew just a wonth after its warranty expired the moment has finally come: I am switching to Mac!
But behold, this shall not turn onto the old Mac vs Pc argument! All I am looking for are some pointers from the Mac Ml user community on what tools you use for your RAW needs: batch conversion, best practices, etc...
I know it is all in here on the forum but a few insider tips in this time of need due to work behind schedule worsened by brain frying chanves from nasty pc habits would be most appreciated!  Looking forward to your comments!

I don not use AV mode often on my 5d2 but it repeatedly has happened to me that I needed it in the middle of the action only to discover that it was set to underexpose by two stops and could not figure out any other way to fix this then to completely reset the whole camera which is of course a very undesirable thing to do, especially when in the middle of the action... Now today I finally understood why this happens to me, having auto-bracketing turned on, and as I do so often, forgetting about it, I switched to AV mode wanting to take a quick snap. Once ML starts bracketing it will set AV mode to underexpose... but how to reverse this??? (other then resetting the whole camera of course!)

Dear ML moderator team,

I haven't been as active in the forum lately as I maybe would have liked to be but today something caught my eye; my posts all of a sudden require moderator approval! Is this something you have applied for the entire forum or have I done something to invoke this? Not that this would make a huge difference to me but it is not as much fun when you're uncertain of when your post will go live... also, and I may have to warn you that this may bee a noob question; I can't see a way of getting email  notifications on post replies, meaning that not only will I have to be checking periodically if my post is life but also if someone replies. I understand this may give you some extra traffic but it is quite annoying, in any case thanks for you consideration!  That aside you seem to have an issue with your cloudflare set up, the forum is constantly down on this end...

Dear fellow Magic Lantern users,

Here is our latest video shot with the 5D2 in RAW, some HDR RAW video, and some timelapse from both the 5D2 and 600D, even some HDR timelapse in there too! As usual non of this would have been possible without ML therefore big thanks to all the devs! Would love to hear you comments here or on our website at the related blog post: thanks!

Couldn't find anyone else talking about this in the forum; have some RAW files from an older nightly build and they seem to be so currupt I can't even copy them to my hard drive let alone decode them  in raw2dng, there are only three files but rather relevant to the story and all 1 - 2 gb, is there anyway look into their code and to 'fix' them? (I guess uploading helps but my internet here is very limited thus this far I am looking for ways to fix this without uploading the entire files)

Share Your Videos / Postcards from the Mara
« on: December 12, 2013, 06:54:09 AM »
No RAW but focus peaking and other ML functions, shot in technicolor on the 600D & 5D2
For more info on trips to the Mara visit:
For more info on this and other videos visit:

Share Your Videos / Among Lions and Elephants in 5D2 RAW
« on: December 04, 2013, 09:31:03 PM »
Shot on ML 5DII in RAW and some ML t3i in 3x crop, visit for more info, or for more on safaris in Kenya.

Share Your Videos / Between Kilimanjaro and Amboseli - Satao Elerai
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:40:57 PM »

Shot on the 5D2 mainly in RAW (although I had to slip in two or three shots in h264) and some timelapse. For more info visit:

Share Your Videos / Renewable energy mobile sharpening device
« on: October 23, 2013, 06:58:59 PM »
Some good old h.264 for a change, shot on 5D2 and 600D in T. cinestyle

Galdessa Camp 5DII RAW, HDR RAW and h.264 video
Here is our latest addition to the ML RAW portfolio, although there is some h264 footage in there too… even some coming from the t3i, mainly because we’re still stuck with a single 16gb 400x card, two 1000x 64 gb cards are coming next week, so things will be easier soon!
We graded this with Filmconvert Pro, its is the first time we implemented this plugin and I must say it is also the first time I am happy with a color preset and it really speeds up the grading process and takes out a bit of the guesswork, therefore great plugin. Conveniently there is a competition over at filmconvert pro so we of course submitted this video, therefore if you think we deserve it please head over there and give us a vote, a like or a tweet, we’ll love you for it!

Here it is, the first completed project in Magic Lantern RAW on our trusty 5D2. While everyone is saying the alpha of the hack should be used with precaution and not for serious work, it was just too hard to resist.
The workflow is labor intensive but has it's very own charm, as the only CF card capable of at least some RAW recording we currently own is a SanDisk 16GB 60/mbs we basically had to be dumping the footage after every 4.3 minutes we recorded onto a Laptop (+- 15 minutes to download the files, changing film reels must have been faster...). We shot everything in 1880 or 1720 horizontal resolution and the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, graded in ACR, upscaled to 1920 in AE and rendered into cineform with a subtle layer of fine 35mm film grain for a more organic look (gorilla grain if anyone cares), it took forever to get it all down to a managable size in the cineform codec but it made the editing experience so much better then with traditional h.264.
The bathroom scene required even more dynamic range then the 14 bit DNG's could provide and gave us the chance to test the Magic Lantern HDR video function in RAW mode, surprisingly the SNS HDR workflow introduced quite a bit of flicker (some of it even completely withstanding the Sapphire flicker remove filter) while it normally renders almost flicker free results of whatever you throw at it (even Day to night timelapses shot in AV mode...)
Big thanks to all ML developers

Share Your Videos / 5DII Magic lantern HDR Beach villa video
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:28:42 AM »

Share Your Videos / Brangelinas favorite place in Kenya
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:14:40 PM »
Hi Everyone,
Here is another beach villa video I'd really like to get some honest opinions about, thanks to Magic Lantern I was able to push the dynamic range beyond what my good old Canon 5D Mrk2 is usually able to deliver, not by using the brand new RAW function as it isn't quite ready yet but with the HDR video function. Since RAW is around the corner this will probably be obsolete soon,nevertheless this was the only way I could achieve good exposures of the beach from the interiors. If anyone cares I used SNS-HDR pro for both the HDR timelapse and the HDR video workflow. I had been using the ML workflow, Ginger HDR and photomatix in the past but SNS-HDR turned out not only to deliver the best results right out of the box but also seems to be the one offering the most effective control, the only drawback is that it is extremely slow, probably around 3 - 4 hours to batch process 10 seconds of footage...
Anyway I was hoping you could share your opinions and experience in similar situations and maybe give some insights on your techniques.
As a little side note, this is the villa where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt where staying at shortly after filming Mr & Mrs Smith, apparently in a 'friendly relationship' as Pitt was still married to Janifer Aniston. It certainly had to be 'friendly' with certain benefits as they were sharing the bedroom you can see at 2:07...

Hi everyone, looking for 1000x cards on Ebay reveals a few (very few) brands currently offering cards at this speed. There is the more common Lexar (often with the word 'genuine' attached, hinting the fact that there may be lots of fake ones out there?) but there are also toshiba, transcend, hoodman and Delkin just to name a few.
A 128 gb 1000x from a Brand called 'Komputer Bay' cought my eye as it costs 275$ (+- 500$ less then the Lexar counterpart), but the description states: 'NOTE: The Nikon D800 Camera's firmware currently only supports 128GB Compact Flash Cards manufactured by Sandisk or Lexar.'
Not that I really care what the D800 supports, nevertheless it made me wonder if there are this type of limitations for Canon DSLRs too, also I hear that not all the manufacturers actually deliver the promised speed, therefore I thought I start this thread in order for everyone to share their experience with different 1000x CF cards and avoid unpleasant issues when buying stuff like this online, thank you all for posting!

Hi Everyone,

One of the most fascinating features of ML (for me at least) is bulb ramping. However I am trying to master this and don't seem to get very far. Up until now I am getting very drastic steps in exposure changes witch this far I have not succeeded to iron out in the free version of LRT timelapse... Am I doing something wrong? since the sun only sets once per day I can't run too many tests and was hoping for some of your valuable advice!

Thanks in advance!

General Help Q&A / Any way of installing without CF card reader?
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:24:13 AM »
Hi everyone!

I have been waiting for this day for so long, finally a release I trust to upload on my 5D mkII, however I am here in Kenya without a CF card reader, is there any (safe) way of doing the installation without a Card Card reader but through the camera?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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