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Raw Video / Raw File Recovery - Auto Power Off
July 06, 2013, 05:56:33 PM
Although I was aware of the auto-power off issue when recording with the RAW module, I had my 5D3 set to 8 minutes because most shots average less than a minute or two. However, I recently shot a clip that was over 8 minutes not thinking about my power settings. As you would imagine, the camera powered off mid-recording and I'm left with a 20+gb raw file that doesn't load into RAWMagic.

Although I already consider this shot lost as a result of user error, I wanted to reach out to the community to see if there are any ways to extract the data. I imagine it would be possible if I could somehow edit and embed the correct header and footer information into the file that was severed during the auto power off.

Auto-power off is now fully disabled.  ;D

Thanks in advance.
After installing the Canon firmware 102 (per ML directions) to allow the install of ML v2.3.5, the camera will no longer boot with a SD card installed. If I remove the card, it will boot just fine and I can confirm the 102 firmware is properly installed. However, whenever a SD card is inserted, it will not boot and flashes the red light. Removing the battery resets, but the problem continues. I have tried with 5 different SD cards, so the SD doesn't seem to be the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? I was excited to try the new v2.3.5 for the Perseid show this weekend, but now it feels like my T3i is bricked.