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Works fine on 10.12.4 on a 2012 iMac


Are you choosing a lossless compression? 3.5k only seems to work continuously with 12bit lossless. 3k maybe with 14bit lossless. You'll have to lower frame rates down significantly to get 4 or 5k. They are not feasible options for traditional frame rates.
Just curious if you're still planning to expire the current version on the 15th. I've become quite fond of using it to see the take before exporting to CNG.

I hope not...

Quote from: hjfilmspeed on May 09, 2017, 11:29:17 PM
Oh I didn't realize you were using 2.66:1 ratio @giarcpnw
And you mean 12bit lossless right?
Also did you hit the zoom button before recording?

If you are in 12bit  lossless mode Try to ETTR really branchy tree tops with no highlight clipping on an over cast day and I bet your data rate will skyrocket with those settings. It did for me anyway.

Yeah sorry. lossless. Always lossless. Can't seem to get past 3072 if 14bit lossless. I've not seen a big diff between 14 and 12 bit to try to go higher.
I shot 3520x1320 12bit continuous in the 5x centered mode continuous for 2 minutes last night. It made a 10gig (ish) mlv file but it did it. It's definitely doable.
I was getting continuous in 12bit...

all this...most of these scenes were in the 20-30 second range before I cut them shorter. I was using KomputerBay 64gig 1000X
Quote from: ted ramasola on May 08, 2017, 10:15:44 PM
Thank you, the image can still be zoomed to fill an UHD timeline in resolve. Nice.

I'm certain I can get 3520x1320. Not sure that offers a 3x crop option though, I just didn't dive into the settings that hard since i was trying to capture the little guy before he took off.
Quote from: ted ramasola on May 08, 2017, 08:03:34 AM
wow. Can I ask a favor? Would you mind sharing a single dng frame of that hummingbird that I can look at in davinci? That's beautiful.

Here ya go.
I just shot a 3x crop of a hummingbird on a perch with a 70-200mm lens. This is just insane detail. 3072x1228 12bit lossless.

Download the movie and watch it in ProRes. Literally moving photographs.
Quote from: lostfeliz on April 30, 2017, 02:46:35 AM
Looks great, giarcpnw. The shot of your dog looks out of a feature film. I was just at that spot yesterday. Then you freaked me out because I also have the same hummingbird feeder and hedge!  :D

Doesn't every Angelino have an ivy hedge and HB feeder? ;-) 

Thanks, each shot went well over 30 seconds, I just didn't want to bore everyone. I'll push it further another day but it seem pretty stable for all intents and purposes. Pretty amazing @a1ex!

Now, to shoot something with it!!

Bunch of 3520x1320 12bit shot last night and this morning. Sadly, youtube compresses the shit out of it but, man, you should see it in prores at full size. Glorious!!

Slightly graded in AE with VisionColor Osiris LUTs.
I just tried the new version. I'm new to it. Still don't know how to activate the command line controls  BUT.... grayscale previews on 3k 12bit vids. I imported a DNG sequence from the mounted drive straight into AE CC and output a MOV just fine if not a bit slower. Vertical Stripes were gone after selecting them in the interface. Huzzah! on this release.

QuoteI've explained here what needs to be done for other converters (including mlv_dump). I'm not really familiar with compressed formats, and there are people in the ML community who can do this faster than me (hint, hint).

If only i had studied computer science in college instead of theater, I might be able to fix this myself. Instead, I'll have to recite shakespeare to myself while I wait for someone else with programming knowledge.

Quote from: DeafEyeJedi on April 24, 2017, 09:12:03 PM
Actually could you please just use (press 'm' to get in mlv_dump menu then press '12' to start sample processing). Need the originals.

Be sure to use a temporary Folder and include MLV inside since the app can only process from within Folders and not directly on the MLV file itself.

Also try to use the latest experimental builds whenever possible since it's always evolving for greatness.

Same folder: you'll see the zip pack.

I have the newest April 23rd build. I just haven't shot any new footage since the April 19th. It was there in the 19th too. These are the MLVs I have with me at the moment.



Care to share some original short samples @giarcpnw? (use @Danne's if you haven't already)

cr2hdr didn't seem to fix when i tried last week. unless it's been upgraded since.

The are DNGs from MLVdump, you can see the banding/lines in the mids. They get worse once you adjust exposure and sharpness. These were shot 14bit lossless with the April 10th build I believe. My understanding is this is inherent in the raw data and the converters are coded to adjust for it. I know there was an early post in this thread that said most of the apps or command line converters had not been adjusted to address this with the new 14bit 4k build's mlvs. Just wondering if they had yet or I missed one. Martin added it to his at my request last week, but...



Hey all, how are you guys addressing the Vertical Lines or other pixel issues with these new builds? I'm on OSX. Martin Hering had created a great mlv to cng converter app called Footage that addressed them but he seems to be letting it time bomb in the 15th of May to pursue a revenue generating path.  So now we're back to square one.

MLVDump does not fix them.  Is there another app that i'm not aware of that does?


It would be very unfortunate if your app expired on May 15th. MLV_dump nor other apps like it address some of the pixel issue yet. Vertical banding, dead pixels etc. We'll be back to unusable footage with these new 14bit lossless builds from ML.

I read your other thread. It sounds like you're getting an OK from g3gg0 to keep using the ML code how it's implemented in your app.  But, i'm not versed in code licensing so maybe i'm missing the finer details.  I look forward to what other apps you may create but sure hope you can keep Footage from time bombing on the 15th.

Quote from: beauchampy on April 18, 2017, 10:09:45 AM
Could you add options to manually modify black / white levels? I find if I shoot with 12-bit and clip the exposure, the highlights go pink. The only fix is to set the white level to something like 12500 using MLV Dump (or cr2hdr).

Here's a sample clip - 12bit 50p 3x3 1920x672 to show you what I'm talking about.

If you choose to Defringe Highlights it repairs the pink highlights. It in the top right corner. Choose the little paint brush icon, you'll see the options.

You can't playback footage. Just scrub through. Works for me. Let's me check framing and if it looks good you can output a quicktime mov from the app if you need to check playback.

Quote from: a1ex on April 15, 2017, 11:43:21 AM
Small MLV and steps to reproduce, please.

Well, i could not duplicate it. I updated Martin's footage app this morning and they process fine. I do however remember it happened right after i tried to capture 12bit and 8 bit lossless and saw this on my screen.
This happens whenever I try to capture any lossless bit rate than other than 14bit lossless. Trying to record like this results in a ton of scrolling errors. (none of which I know what they mean) Have to power off to stop.   Pressing x5 crop WILL ALLOW capture however in this mode. 3072x1308, FPS Override 23.976

Amazing..... Thanks.

You need a donation page... We mac owners owe you.

Quote from: giarcpnw on April 15, 2017, 10:17:26 AM
What would be the reason the DNGs from the April 14th build would not open in After Effects? I'm getting can not parse errors. Worked fine with April 10th. Using on mac.  Shot 14bit lossless.

I think I answered my own question. The first frame of the sequence in all the MLVs I shot tonight were black (I assume corrupted) I removed them from the sequences and then AE and Camera Raw could load the sequence.

Something to note for this build. April 14th.
What would be the reason the DNGs from the April 14th build would not open in After Effects? I'm getting can not parse errors. Worked fine with April 10th. Using on mac.  Shot 14bit lossless.
Sent a PM with link.