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Just saw your message, here's photo-captures of my settings, hope it helps.

Thanks so much for sharing your ML settings!

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Other experimental builds / Re: SD Overclocking - DIGIC 5 only
« on: July 07, 2023, 02:41:24 PM »
Sorry, missed the pics you shared. I see the problem now.
I'm a bit confused TBH. It doesn't look like an error I seen before.
Are there any other modules loaded? If so: Please re-test with only and loaded.

Hi Walter,

thanks. The only modules I am using are and
Modules" border="0
Overclock-160-Mhz" border="0
The card does accept just SDR104, with SDR50 the access to the card itself is compromised and ML doesn't work properly.
Overclock-Settings-2-SDR104" border="0

Anyway on yesterday, after turning all the modules off/on by "Debug/Disable all modules"and rebooting ML a couple of times I progressively set the overclock to 160Mhz, 192Mhz and finally to 240Mhz and I have been able to run some benchmarks and record some videos outside. It seemed to work for a limited period of time, but the camera became unstable forcing to reboot it frequently. It happened with all the overclock configurations.

I think that with such a card the main problem is the 'read' and not the 'write', even though the camera is too unstable.

In fact If I try to play a recorded video I frequently get error messages. After that rebooting ML is the only solution.
It follows one of the errors which I get during the play:
Editato" border="0

They follow the VIDEO settings, with all the hacks activated (with or without hacks makes no difference):

IMG-20230707-WA0012" border="0
IMG-20230707-WA0013" border="0
IMG-20230707-WA0014" border="0
IMG-20230707-WA0015" border="0
IMG-20230707-WA0016" border="0

Canon settings. I don't know if they can affect the stability, but with the SD Lexar Professional 1667x SD card 128 GB, SDXC UHS-II, up to 250 MB/s and the same settings I have no problems.
Canon-Settings" border="0

Anyway I wish confirming the usability of the Lexar Professional CF 128 GB 1066x, which even under 240Mhz overclock gives back very good numbers (and it works very well with the Lexar SD):
Bench-Mark-240-Mhz" border="0

The benchmark SD (SanDisk Extreme Pro 200mb/s) + CF under 240Mhz, when the camera is still a bit stable, is good too:
Bench-Mark-SD-San-Disk-and-CF-Lexar" border="0

I don't understand what's the issue with the SanDisk Extreme Pro. I will probably return it if I can't find a solution.

Thanks for any advice. Best.

Hi, well done! Lights and colors are just magic and the cut is extremely dynamic!  I am amazed by the results in terms of noise considering the dark environment. You managed it very well.

BTW  I am surprised you have been able to push the SanDisk Extreme pro 200mb/s up to 240Mhz  keeping the camera stable enough to film.  8) My 128Gb SanDisk exemplar doesn't even accept 160Mhz.


Share Your Videos / Re: 5d3 3840*1536 video!
« on: July 04, 2023, 08:39:41 PM »
Thanks for answering. I suppose 240Mhz overclock to film 3840*1536 in UHD 1:1. Is the system stable?

Other experimental builds / Re: SD Overclocking - DIGIC 5 only
« on: July 04, 2023, 11:30:31 AM »
The name written on the card doesn't mean much.  Sometimes they're fake, sometimes they're legit but the same name is used for a different production run with different characteristics.

Bobolee is speculating and doesn't really know if there is some camera / card incompatibility.  Personally I think it's unlikely.

Listen to Walter, he has lots of experience in this area.

Thanks so much, it makes total sense. Just to share some other infos about my piece of SanDisk Extreme Pro, It follows what ML CID Info reports.

The card seems to be made by SanDisk:
CID-info" border="0

And I have to say that the package seems to be genuine too:
1" border="0
2" border="0
3" border="0

Can you share a screenshot with Sandisk Extreme Pro R200/W90 showing those read numbers?
Walter are you referring to me? I am not sure.


Share Your Videos / Re: 5d3 3840*1536 video!
« on: July 03, 2023, 01:49:13 PM »
I noticed during a recent video shoot that 3840*1536 in UHD 1:1 mode seemed to be quite stable for recording with card spanning, overclock and bilal's hacks enabled, at least for a short clip.

Here is a video using only that mode.  It worked perfectly!

One thing to keep in mind:  This mode is quite good at balancing the data between the 2 cards, so you either need a 256GB SD card, or be prepared to run out of recording time pretty quickly...

No upscaling!  MLVFS straight to resolve.  Edited, graded and output to NVenc HEVC 10 bit 4:4:4 in record time!

I never thought I'd see native 3840 raw video from the 5d3...

OBVIOUSLY watch in 4k!

Amazing results, thanks for sharing. What sd card are you using?

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark III | Охрид 🇲🇰
« on: July 03, 2023, 09:42:03 AM »

well done, nice environments an colours. Would you mind detailing the firwmare of the camera, the ML build and the kind of cards which you used?

Thanks so much.

Other experimental builds / Re: SD Overclocking - DIGIC 5 only
« on: July 03, 2023, 09:35:12 AM »
It seems that this SanDisk card has no problem in EOS M/700D,but 5DM3

Hi Bobolee,

thanks for writing. It is a bit weird since there are users who have a similar setup as mine, and they can overclock the SanDisk extreme pro 200mb/s keeping the camera stable. I am trying to understand if it is a problem of settings or the card itself.

Other experimental builds / Re: SD Overclocking - DIGIC 5 only
« on: July 02, 2023, 04:31:48 PM »
Hi everyone,

I would like to share my experience with a card which is not listed as a good choice for 240Mhz overclock, but it works to me.

Camera:  Canon 5d Mark III
Firmware: 1.1.3
ML settings:  card spanning and 240mhz overclock activated.
ML build: Danne's crop rec 4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2023Feb03.5D3113
SD card: Lexar Professional 1667x SD card 128 GB, SDXC UHS-II, up to 250 MB/s. (camera low-level formatting)
1" border="0
2" border="0

CF card: Lexar Professional CF 128 GB 1066x (160 MB/s) UDMA 7 (camera
low-level formatting)
PC card reader: Trascend TS-RDF9K USB 3.1/3.0

Benchmarks in video mode

Sd card benchmark:
bench10" border="0
Sd and CF card benchmark:
bench11" border="0

Benchmarks in photo mode:
Sd card benchmark:
bench12" border="0
Sd and CF card benchmark:
bench13" border="0

CrystalDisk Mark benchmark:
Crystal-Benchmark" border="0

According to the list of Sd 'working' cards under 240Mhz overclock, I bought a SanDisk 128 GB Extreme PRO, SDXC up to 200 MB/s, UHS-I, Class10, U3, V30. Unfortunately overclock doesn't work properly, in my case. I mean it works for a while and I can run some benchmarks:

Benchmarks in video mode:

160Mhz overclock
bench12" border="0
192Mhz overclock
bench13" border="0
240Mhz overclock
bench14" border="0

If I try to record a video, under 240Mhz overclock, the camera becomes unstable. After that, if I run any benchmars I get unreal speed readings:

240-Mhz-instabile" border="0

Nothing to do even lowering the overclock to 160Mhz
160-Mhz-instabile" border="0

The camera, paired to the overclocked SandDisk, isn't stable at all. The situation doesn't change switching from SDR 104  to SDR 50 or warming  the card up.  Peraphs the problem is just limited to such a card. 

My SanDisk 128 GB Extreme Pro:
1" border="0
2" border="0
3" border="0

CrystalDisk Mark benchmark:
Crystal-Mark-benchmarkl" border="0

Under PC, values seem to be coherent with the results of other users. 

Any possible setting before returning it to the seller (bought by Amazon) and buying the 170mb/s version? It would be warmly appreciated.

Thanks for your support.

All the best.

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