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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS R / RP
February 19, 2024, 01:46:01 PM
So, M6 mark 2 now got a chance for ML raw video , right?
General Development / Re: Focus sequencing (5D3)
January 26, 2024, 03:21:43 AM
Tks. I' ll try the method with EOS utility.

I tried 2 different sd card (samsung evo and sandisk extreme pro which were sucessful installment of builds on M and 5d3 feb2023 Danne build ), formated them on 5d3 first, then pasted A.sinstes build as the same structure as the photo, switched 5d3 to photo mode and went to update firmware. didn't work .

Hi, the SINC upscale => Can you explain how to do ? Please
General Development / Re: Focus sequencing (5D3)
January 24, 2024, 03:15:16 PM
Ah I mean window.
I've checked, i can't format  my sd card as FAT format. I need to ask some one with MAC OS. Or find some tool to do that.
Anyone else had the same problem on windows please comment
General Development / Re: Focus sequencing (5D3)
January 24, 2024, 07:47:38 AM
PC .
The card is ExFat format.
=> i will follow your guide. tks.
General Development / Re: Focus sequencing (5D3)
January 23, 2024, 03:58:52 PM
Hi i paste your completed build file to sd card, but the firmware update can't find and install the build. It worked with Danne Build.
Please help a.Sintes.
Hi .
I tried focus aid at 3x3 HFR , so i switch lens to AF (sigma 30 f1.4 art for ef-s mount) => Liveview get freeze, switch back to MF , live view work normaly.
Can we fix this, please. Happen at 3x3 only.
I get into that problem once, tried to switch on/off the clock, formated the card, doing some antivirus scan,... => nothing work, then I find a solution on goole.
Here it is :
Method 4. Using CMD.
It worked for me.
I did a test , Like you said, it's easy to spot moires , especially on metal increase sharpness will help a little bit. I want more fps because Iam learning to create clip with slow movement ,main subject will be Interior designs.
Hope Dev find a way to increase FPS (40fps/48fps) as well as less moire. With 70d sensor and a sharp lens (sigma) iam sastified with FHD resolution.

Also, I find some post and clip showing adjust timer A (FPS override>advance) for a lower fps from 30fps to 22fps or lower in crop mode, May I ask there is any number to adjust on timer A to reduce 60fps to 48fps or 40fps on this mode.
Hi every one  and who's considering a 70d for Magic Lantern. 70d does shoot raw in 60fps and in a good resolution (need strect for post)

Here is what I found


It took about 60MB/s.

Swear to god, I've search forum for this features on 70d many times, found people said that It can't (years ago) or they said that 60fps is not with raw. Also, I see no updates recently, then today I try and see the result. I need 60fps to learn shooting on my gimbal , now my camera has Autofocus and 60fps and Raw and mounted on a gimbal LOL. 
Please correct me if Iam wrong or day dreaming
Ah I mean the  full hd and 2.5k (5x zoom) 11bit lossless is ok with 165hz.
I have read that thread, then buy e samsung evo plus 256gb using on eos m which is ok with 240hz.
On canon 70d I use a 64gb extreme (no pro) which is just stable with 165hz.
Also, May I ask, at update status thread by kitor, He said that the "ultra fast frame preview" is possible with models not support by crop mood.
Mean 70d is ok with that, right?
Tks, It worked and with resolution available now, 165hz is enough and stable.
Hi, As I read from other thread, I see it's able to use the SD hack module form Eos-m Crop mood build  to Canon 70d, isn't it? Can I just place the .mo file in my canon 70d SD card ML folder?
Does it work that way?
Also can I replace High FPS module from M to Canon 70d to get 48fps 3x3 at full hd resolution.

I think about trying , but I want to ask before that cause might it damage the cam??