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It was a great job, especially your patience. You saved the cam from an existance as electronic waste.  8)
This cam will never get an update again!
Thanks a lot to kitor!
I have downloaded the zip-file, copied the blink_led.bin to the SD-Card and have renamed it to autoexec.bin.
The LED blinked once, directly after closing the battery lid. As you said I did not try the enable_main_firm.bin.

The ROM dumps I've sent via PM.
The latest Version 2022-10-31 of the 200D not dead yet edition doesn't start. The screen stays black, only the LED flashed up one time. I've let the cam approx. 10 minutes in this status, screen stood black.
To be sure, I've installed version 1.0.1 over (received from Canon Hong Kong, But also no change.
I've let the dumped ROMs in the root. I don't know if they are needed, but I guess it doesn't matters.

I suppose the ROM is corrupted.
I took the portable autoexec.bin rom dumper from here: run with the following result:

Might have worked.
For an access to the cam via UART to reset the flag, I have to read up first - I have no idea about it. Do you have a link?

How did I end up in this situation? I have made an firmware update. I've downloaded the latest zip-file (version 1.1.0) from the official german canon website. It was the first update ever done on this cam. It was purchased new at Media Markt 3 years ago. In my eyes there was no suspicious doing till the crash.
Without card or with card but no *.fir file on it, the update program keeps hold and told file cannot be found.

With *.fir File I get the query if I want update. But there is no way to cancel. The only button that works is Set and the update process starts, running to 99% and crashs. I'm caught in a loop.
Hello everyone,

I have a Canon EOS 200D with the issue that it keeps stucking in the firmware update program. Every update (1.0.1, 1.0.3 or 1.1.0) runs up to 99% and ends with this text pushed together:

So I guess it isn't a problem with the update files (SD Cards already changed), but with the update program itself. After un- and replug the battery, it starts the update program again.
Is this a known issue that could solved easily? The support center recomments a replace of the PCB.
With the ROM Dumper I was able to find out the MainFirmware Boot Flag is disabled.

While my search, I've found the topic "Magic Lantern for 200D: Not Dead Yet edition", where names_are_hard provided the bootflag enabler.
Quote from: names_are_hard on October 27, 2022, 12:06:48 AM
Bootflag enabler:

My hope is with reseting the FIR boot flag, the camera will start normally.
I've found the addresses of the flags here: The FIR flag is just only 4 Bytes before the BOOT flag.
Therefore my question: Could someone provide somewhat like a "Firmware flag switcher" please?

Otherwise it remains electronic waste.

Best Thanks for your help