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Camera-specific Development / Re: ML on EOS-M2
February 03, 2024, 10:23:39 PM
good idea, will try. Thanks
Ive been working with a pretty stable version of eos m2 and I was wondering if anyone knew about a repository for the Focus Pixel Mapps? ( I did check the main repository)
I have some m2 Maps installed (I think there is like 18 or so) however I notice that on one of my files it still shows the focus dots in MLVAPP , and when I investigate it shows that it has loaded one (green) but it obviously is not the correct one. anyone post more somewhere ?

Thanks in advance.
1080p mode is more reliable to me in the Danne build than Crop Mood build. Does anyone else find that or is it just me? Trying to decide why I find 1080p mood unstable on the Crop Mood, it often frezzes and or goes to black frame when trying to frame or fucus. No such problem with Danne Build.The only "bad thing" about the danne build would be a brief pink screen when using AF, but Tend to do manual mode anyways. ) I also feel the exposure is diffreent, could I be wrong?
Currentyly Ive decided to have Crop Mood 4-5k on one card and Danne Build CM to 1080p mode on the other. Just for reliability. Or perhaps Im just having a hard time letting go? lol 
Ah yes, thanks,.\
I just meant, it says that, that card works as it gets 90 i dont have any need for anything over that. In fact im usually at 60mbs probably. Thanks for the link!
Re:Cards, Just get what works. Its known to work regardless of peoples tests with latest builds.

Sandisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-I Card (extreme pro in gold lettering)
UHS 3, V30 C10

;)  the one i use is 200mbs (at least the on the card says  so) but real word max use is more like 90

They are pretty cheap for what the can do. I also have a lexar that works. But because of the reliablity of the former, I tend t pick them up when I can .

is 1080p external monitor dead?  Just checking, I think the last time it worked was a Oct 22 build. But I love the latest build, just 1080 on external monitor doesn't work.

I detailed the modes that work (for me) ,  Here just a bit ago.

Re: 1080p mode an external Monitor Preview

Hi there, First Thanks for all the awesome builds and work over the months/years! Im still toying with them and they are great. Noticed some time ago that the Video\ Preview on External monitor stopped working in 1080p mode on later Builds...

I was wondring why and if I were to copy over something from a previous build where it worked...would it? LOL Probably not, but just curious. Im stumped why it Does NOT work anymore. Perhaps its just in my config.
BUt Its awesome to get the following Modes working with the latest BUILD (3/2/23) on External Montior
5kfrtp 12bit 2:39
2k 1:1 FRTP 12bit 2:35:1 and also at 14bit 2:39
2.5k rtp (although its 5xcrop in preview its still great) 12bit 2:39 (no Sound)

I guess Im just confused why 1080p, a technically  LQ mode would not work on a monitor? Personally I like 1080p for the lack of crop factor on my lenses. and happy with Quality of Raw 12 bit over standard X264 compression.