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Other experimental builds / Re: HDMI Output Settings (
« on: August 01, 2022, 09:55:51 PM »
First of all, thanks for this.
I own a T5i that was sitting in my closet so I decided to use it as a webcam as I'm working from home now.

I have stumbled upon all of the hurdles that came with this idea:
1. I tried installing the EOS Webcam Utility, and although it shows a beautiful HD image, it is choppy as hell. I tried all of the different options in OBS, but I always get a choppy, lagged video out.
2. I then proceeded to discover Magic Lantern for clearing the output and forcing the camera to stay on beyond the 30-minute mark. So I bought a cheap HDMI capture device, downloaded the version of ML that comes out of the box, and... the camera only outputs a 720x480 image. No lag, no choppiness, but a low-resolution video nonetheless. I thought it was the video capturing device for a second, but then I discovered that the T5i did that on purpose. A was losing faith in this.
3. So, I was between a crisp image that was very laggy and delayed (EOS software) and a low-resolution image that was snappy (Magic Lantern). Since I was beginning to see what the community of ML is all about, I decided to Google the possibility of "forcing" the camera to output 1080p, and as luck would have it, you guys did it. I tried plugging the camera directly into my monitor and it worked using HDMI: ON, Signal: Interlaced, System: NTSC, and Force 1080i: ON.

So, the thing is: My monitor has two HDMI inputs, one for 4K and the other for 1080p. Only when I plugged the camera at the 4K out was the camera able to output in 1080i. When plugged into the 1080p input, it outputs the default 720x480 resolution.
Similarly, when I connect the camera HDMI output to the capturing device and then plug it into my computer, the camera continues to output the 720x480 image... Very strange.

Might you guys know what's happening? I tried all of the combinations of configurations on the settings, and it just doesn't work. It's like I have to "force" the resolution somehow in the capturing device, but it doesn't seem to have that functionality.

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