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Thanks. Doing videos as a hobby and coming from painting background, I am more like an artist rather than a programmer. There are many things related to technical stuff which I don't really understand, but it's nice I can learn from people here.

Unfortunately, I don't use Resolve anymore. I stick to Final Cut Pro. But maybe one day I may revert.
Quote from: ML700D on June 09, 2023, 04:42:34 AM
I see.. and why don't use 16:9 instead, it can be cropped to 2:1, 2.35:1 or any ar right?
because 16:9 is 1.78 bigger than 2:1 or 2.35:1 and you have more room to adjust in post without crop IMO

btw may I have some MLV clips of yours? few frames is fine. just for my test. thanks.

I use 16:9, too, but in 3x3. We have more room in that mode. But in 1x3, the 16:9 has crop. When I want to use it for 2.35:1, I have to crop even more. The sweet spot is 2:1 at 4.8K. Very minimum crop and can be adjustable to 16:9 or 2.35:1.

Ouch, as for MLV files, I never keep them too long. Like once I finish a project, I always delete the MLVs. I can share MLVs for my next shots.
Quote from: DarkTrapStudio on June 08, 2023, 10:42:21 PM
Oh Prores on youtube, cause youtube exept Rec709 color space, how different is your export from the encoded Vp09 youtube file please  ? Id really like to know that, would you share your orignal export via WeTransfer or SwissTransfer if that's not a problem for you please ?

Edit: Maybe if you grade in Rec709 color space while exporting ProRes444 I guess It would be the same ?

I don't really understand the math or technical stuff behind the codecs etc, but Prores 4444 was for my MLVapp and Final Cut Pro export, and the file size is huge. For uploading, I converted it to h264. You can get the video file which I used for uploading to youtube here:
Quote from: ML700D on June 08, 2023, 11:14:14 AM
nice grading.. do you use lut?

2.2:1 ar is better I think..

Thank you. The reason I use 2:1 is because it is more flexible to crop to either 2.35:1 or 16:9. With 2.2:1, the height is is too short so I will need to crop more if I want to use it as 16:9.

Yes, I used Phantom LUTs for these shots.
Quote from: DarkTrapStudio on June 05, 2023, 09:45:13 PM
Look great ! I love especially the shots of the parrots and cats, did you stabilize it on Davinci, and delivery codec H265 automatic bitrate ?

Thank you. I don't use Davinci. Yes, I added stabilization in Final Cut Pro and exported in prores 4444.
In 1x3 mode, at 2:1 aspect ratio, with the 4.8K (highest) preset, I find that the image quality vs crop factor vs frame rate is in the sweet spot, making it flexible to change your ratio to 16:9 or 2.35:1.

Here are some shots I took during the weekend in 2:1

Thank you. Yes, you're right. The only downside in the hi-re modes is the rolling shutter. Actually in a well-planned situation, tripod and gimbal will be the best tools. However my shooting is always spontaneous: I hang the camera on my neck with me, and whenever I see interesting stuff I took some images.
So I did some shots again with the Crop Mood, and I think 1x3 at the highest res is the sweet spot for 16:9. Less crop, too. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Share Your Videos / Re: Crop Mood Test - EOS M
May 09, 2023, 03:21:06 AM
Quote from: Skinny on May 07, 2023, 01:35:05 PM
I really like all your videos, very pleasant colors, cinematic movements and nice depth of field :)

Thank you. Still learning with the new build.
Share Your Videos / Crop Mood Test - EOS M
May 07, 2023, 01:53:14 AM
Yesterday, I reinstalled Crop Mood after uninstalling the build last month due to the 1080p not working, which -- I finally learned -- was caused by the Canon focus settings. Now, really enjoy this build so much, and I think I will shoot 16:9 more often. Here are some shots from yesterday.

Quote from: Skinny on March 17, 2023, 07:20:18 AM
Hi! very nice video :) are you using an anamorphic adapter on some shots?

Hi. Thanks. The anamorphic look was created with an oval cutout attached to the lens.
Quote from: iaburn on March 17, 2023, 06:52:42 AM
Now I want to go to Bali  :D
Great images and butterly smooth movements, did you record all that handheld?

Hey, thanks for the question. The footage was all recorded handheld with the help of my neck strap to add tension so it could be less shaky. And for the wide shots, including fake drone shots, they were taken with DJI Pocket 2, a tiny pocket camera that has gimbal built in.
Quote from: Danne on March 17, 2023, 03:22:01 AM
Footage looks very nice 👌

Thanks, Danne. Means a lot coming from you.
Hi everyone. Here are some shots I took last week during our short vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

Lenses: 7artisans 50mm, Rokkor 50mm
Modes: 1080p 50fps, 40fps, 30fps, 24fps
Wide shots: DJI Pocket 2

It's very beautiful, Markus.
Amazing story here.
Share Your Videos / Re: Breast Cancer - Raw Video
January 16, 2023, 08:46:45 AM
I like the second one. But they are all very good.
Share Your Videos / Diaspora - Canon EOS M
January 16, 2023, 08:10:28 AM
During the New Years holiday, I went to visit family in South Sulawesi, and I happened to meet Harry, my childhood friend, and decided to record a short interview with the M.

  • Modes: 5K anamorphic frtp, 1080p
  • Lenses: Rokkor PG 50mm, 7Artisans 50mm, Ttartisan 35mm
  • Wide shots: DJI Pocket 2
  • Interview mic: iPhone 11
Available lights, handheld

@spidiq8 thanks you. And thanks to this little camera + Magic Lantern. A very nice combination.
@dpjpandone Thank you, Jon. The shots that used dual ISO are cafe shots, my son in the swimming pool, dancing lady, and some more I can't remember.
@Mike54 thank you. This little camera is really amazing.
Share Your Videos / Re: Theory on Life - Canon EOS M
January 01, 2023, 12:02:05 PM
True. I always use creative adjustments on slog3 with dark strength at 0.