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Is the steadycam a real steadycam or a stabilized lens? Looks amazing, by the way!
Thanks! It's a real steadycam, the model is Glidecam HD-2000, I'm not very good at it yet, just started practicing. The lens is Helios 40-2-C 85mm (dumb metal+glass, no electronics). The lens combined with 6D and this steadycam make the whole setup a heavy thing, but I like it! :)

P.S.: I can buy a 6D with 190.000 actuations for €180 euros. I know the MTBF is 150.000. What do you think about this? Should I go for it? Right now I have the EF 35mm f/2 (the non stabilized version).
Probably, it can be a good setup for recording some static shots and maybe even some scenes with slow careful panning without stabilization (the shake is less noticeable on 35mm than on 85mm, but you have to try it yourself to check if you can hold it steady in your hands). What's about shutter live span – honestly, I don't even know how to estimate it, I bought mine 6D with ~23k shutter count so I'm not worrying about it at all. The 190k shutter count can turn out to be a lottery and maybe it's not that important for video, however, I'm not sure that 6D is the best option for RAW videos at its own.

Corrupted frames is not good   ???
Made a new crop_rec module where the max vertical resolution is lowered by 16 pixels. (So 16 lines less to read out by the sensor)

5496/3x1944 @ 24 fps
5496/3x1856 @ 25 fps

I expect this should prevent corrupted frames.
Looks like it fixed the issue. I was able to record this ~1 minute example at 5496/3x1944 @ 24 FPS :
Thank you! I'm very happy, going to post more tests with steadicam soon.
By the way, do you have a repository at GitHub or other Git hosting where it's possible to see the edits you made to the source code?

UPD: Another quick test, now with steadicam:

You could however use the 5496/3x1960 at 24 fps option in crop_rec menu.
Oh, it works! This squashed view is totally fine for me. But, I got data corruption to often. It's almost impossible to get even a few seconds of clean recording without data corruption at 1960px vertical resolution. The 1872px vertical resolution is more stable, but data corruption is also happens sometimes, you can notice few flickers: (sorry, handheld shaky video).
Can you suggest something to lower the chance of the data corruptions? The benchmark shows that my card is able to do ~90MB/s (with 240MHz overclock, of course).

Hi! Your ML build is amazing. I'm very happy with the 3x1 1632x2160 (upscaled to 4896x2160) crop mode!
Here are some night tests: (85mm) (50mm)

I want to know if it's possible to speed up the live view in this mode? It works absolutely OK for the static scenes, I'm even able to guess the focus distance from the preview. But, because of the extremely low and unstable framerate (about 2 FPS) it makes things hard to control when working with steadicam, display becomes to laggy for controlling the composition in realtime. Maybe it's possible to reduce the preview resolution even more to keep up with the framerate?

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