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aaand: as soon as i posted this, i found an already existing thread on this topic... ;-)

Hi there,
I was thinking of getting the RONIN S gimbal, but I noticed that they require camera firmware version 1.3.5.
Magic lantern runs on an older firmware version, obviously.

Can someone confirm that the RONIN S does indeed not (fully) work with the 5D mkiii with magic lantern installed?
I assume it affects only minor functionality, like starting the recording via the gimbal's interface or connected phone app, but would be good to hear from someone who has actual experience.


and the large amount of camera profiles (LUTs as well as colourspaces) in da vinci (or other software) is just for decoration purposes?
working with 'raw' is not only about dynamic range, it is also about accurately mapping the colour values.

sure, it is possible to completely ignore these things and get nice results. but being able to start the grading from an 'accurate' image would be nice.
I found some settings that worked better for me than others, but I would love to find the 'right' settings to start from.

the camera profiles i mean are the ones found in lightroom (or similar software):

/camera calibration/ process (2012(current))
/camera calibration/ profile: adobe standard(colours are off), faithful, landscape, neutral, portrait, standard

they are basically providing the same look as the colour profiles for 8bit images in-camera, BUT: they also remap the colours accurately when using RAW files. without these profiles, some colours are displayed/mapped totally wrong. it is particularly noticeable with reds, that are being displayed far oversaturated, and almost pink.

Without these profiles, it can be almost impossible to accurately colourgrade raw files coming from the 5d.
(there are many LUTs in da vinci resolve to provide these colourprofiles for all kinds of cameras, but not for the 5d mk iii, since it doesn't officially record raw video)

I get the by far best results (=seemingly correct colours) so far, by disabling the 'camera matrix' in the MLVapp. Obviously that wont give me the look of a specific canon camera profile, but thats not what i am after. All I want is to get rid of obvious wrong colours.

Inside Da Vinci Resolve, I haven't found a good workflow yet...

And yes, I think it is the Adobe Camera Raw that is responsible for the slightly wrong colour 'mapping'.
Basically, by using a canon camera profile in Lightroom, I disable/resplace the 'Adobe Standard' profile, which comes in by default. And colours are immediately more accurate.


no, I definitely want to use RAW footage.
The profiles I am looking for would provide a decent colour 'remapping' while still providing the full dynamic range.

It is possible to manually grade the images in Da Vinci Resolve to get close to the 'original' colours, especially when filming reference colour charts etc, but it would make thing so much easier if i had access to a proper camera profile.

It is very likely that the adjustment needs to be made directly in Da Vinci, and MLVapp won't be of much help in that part.
I would be surprised if noone ever did camera profiles for the 5d MLV to be used in Da Vinci, though...

weird. thanks, I will check again ;-)

I just did a few more tests:

I noticed that when I switch off 'User camera Matrix' in MLVapp (set to ' don't use camera matrix') - the colour artifacts disappear and I get a pretty nicely balanced image!

However: The adjustments are not taken into account when exporting the sequence as DNG.

Is there any way I can force MLVapp to save these adjustments into DNGs?
Or, can I do the same adjustments in Da VinciResolve somewhere? None of the colour space / LUT settings seem to be anywhere near.

Obviously, the perfect solution would be to have the original Canon camera profiles available somewhere, but I havent found anything about that yet...

I just checked - sadly, I do not have that menu option.

When recording fails, i do get a message onscreen, but if i dont look at that screen in that exact moment, I will miss it. otherwise there is only a small timer screen right, that shows that the recording is in progress (or not)

( am using 5d mkiii, ML version: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Feb07.5D3123 )

It happened to me a few times that the video recording was interrupted (some error, card full, etc etc), and I didn't notice that the video had stopped, and kept 'filming'.

So, I am wondering whether there are any good/better practices of monitoring the recording?

At the moment, I have an external monitor that i use for focus assist (Portkeys P6), and the mirrored liveview display.
Liveview displays all the ML information, recording, running time, exposure, sound etc etc
The external monitor has a 'clean' image with just the video image, and any overlay I chose from the monitor (focus peak etc)

If i switch off display mirroring, then the camera display resolution is a bit smaller, but I get all the ML information on my external monitor too.
I am not sure if this setting is preferable. I would like to have a clean video image on the monitor.

But: I would like to keep track of the actual recording (and whether it is rolling or stopped).

What are your preferred settings to monitor the recording? any advice?


I am running into an issue with colours when shooting raw video: the colours are slightly off (especially the reds tend to be slightly pinkish).

I know from raw photography that applying canon camera profiles (lightroom camera calibaration) usually sorts out this issue, but:
I can not find the canon camera profiles anywhere available on MLVapp or da vinci resolve.

Manually trying to replicate the correct colours is a pain.
Has anyone here found a way to replicate these colour profiles? or, alternatively, are there camera LUTs (available for da vinci resolve) that do the same?

thanks ;)

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:08:23 AM »
Perfect, thanks for the clarification.
Using manual mode should be perfectly fine.

Good to know about the SD card, I will switch back to CF for main recording. (So far, in my little amount of testing, I have had very stable results with SD overclock, but after hours of filming it might be a different story ;-) )

Oh, there's one other thing that sometimes gets mentioned on the forum, but doesn't have very up-to-date information:
the use of an external camera monitor with ML.

I will buy myself external monitor (HDMI), but I have no knowledge about where the feed for the monitor comes from.
Will it cause additional 'workload' on the camera and have a negative impact on the raw recording? (Once I have the monitor, I will share my experiences, obviously)

[edit: I used a monitor and it works fine. no crazy latency nor unstable video recording]

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: February 10, 2021, 01:54:36 PM »
Hi there,

(there's a slight chance that I am asking something that has been answered before, but sometimes I gets confusing when reading though years of conversation on the forum, and then to work out what has been updated and what hasn't. my apologies in advance)

Here's what I want to do:

1. shoot RAW video, with reliable and stable (enough) settings (therefore HD for me)
2. use LiveView for focusing (and check composition etc)
3. check the video after recording to see if the footage is useable

I am using ML version "crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Feb07.5D3123" - 5d mk iii (installed on CF card atm, since i thought i would use the SD card for recording mainly)
I have a highspeed SanDisk Extreme Pro 256gb 170mb/s, and a SanDisk Extreme 60Mb/s CF card (several sizes)
I use the SD overclocking module

To keep the video recording stable and reliable, I am sticking to HD (FF or 1:1). To check the video after shooting, I would like to use the proxy h.264 video, instead of the slow MLV player.

And here's where I am having problems:

- As soon as I add the proxy h.264 setting, the videos (both, the proxy and the MLV) are largely overexposed. (jumping to 12800 or 6400 ISO, for whatever reason)
Exposure is fine, as soon as I switch off the proxy again.
this happens in all modes other than manual mode (AV,TV), no matter whether sound on or off, or 14bit or 12bit uncompressed

Does Proxy only work reliably in Manual mode?

- As soon as i add the proxy h.264 option, the MLV file will be recorded onto the CF card, despite the SD card being my preferred card selection. is there any way I could do this the other way round? MLV to SD card, .mov file to CF card? (main reason for this is I have more space and the faster card in SD). However, I might be mistaken about the write speed of my CF cards. maybe 60mb/s is perfectly fine?

Also, my battery seems to be drained relatively fast (from 100% to 90% in around 5-10 minutes). Is that related to ML?

thanks, ;-)

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