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Hi, This is my first post on the forum so please keep me inline with the etiquette!

I own a 6DII and find the limitations imposed by Canons software interface quite frustrating, in particular the lack of techniques for manual focus. I am terrified about bricking my new shiny Camera but would like to assist in the development of ML for this platform. I work as a professional software and controls engineer in scientific research, I've got a good knowledge of Python, C, C++ and software engineering practice in general, but only a paltry knowledge of disassembly and nothing but a desire to learn ARM assembly.

I wonder if anyone knows what the cheapest DIGIC 7 camera is so I can try and source a used / broken one for testing without risk. The best description I've found for getting started on porting is in this thread, if there are any better resources could someone point me to them?

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