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What would be the proper way for me to rename long clips (multiple 4gb split .MLV's) BEFORE importing into MLV app? Do I just need to change the name of all files?

I would use Exposure slider. This should fit better to any BMD LUTs. If it is just a starting point for manual correction, I would take whatever looks better.

Thanks! I notice that the “exposure” slider gives me more contrast than the “gamma” slider. It seems that “gamma” doesn’t alter contrast, but maybe raises the blacks?

If I want to keep processing as similar to what would be encoded out of an actual black magic camera, would the “gamma” slider keep multiple renders ‘consistent’?

I noticed too, that the stock “cineon” profile preset, doesn’t clip. Maybe I just use that from now on? Or should I use “LOG C”?

Why does the “BMD Film” preset want to clip so often?

Thanks again!

Gamma is one variable in the profile equation.
If the MLVApp profile is "Standard", the equation is:
outColor = inColor ^ (1/gamma)
while here gamma is 3.15 by standard. Other profiles are a bit more complicated... And gamma has different values for different profiles (often it is 1.0 as default).

Thanks for all the info MASC!

If I am getting shadow clipping with the standard "BMDFilm" Profile, should I adjust "Exposure" under the "Processing" menus, or adjust "Gamma" under the "Profiles" menus to avoid shadow clipping?

Done :)

Fixed problems with raw_twk & mlv_play modules on my D4/5D2 4k Crop_Rec branch .
Tested it in 3x3(1880x1258) , crop_rec 3.5k centered preset(2784x1160) & 3x1 4k anamorphic (4096x590)
there's all view ok in camera , except for 3x1 4k there noise/snow on the bottom half of the screen .
(the anamorphic part of the code is not vertically stretching the image need to look further in the code) but still viewable .
Make sure you load both module's in the zip file , that's it . when you what to view a file just press the > play button 

edit:Updated the first post of this thread with the mlv_play & raw_twk module download links also

Reddeercity, thank you so much sir!! 🙏🙏

1. Camera Matrix = Color calibration. Use = On, Don't use = Off. More info:
2. No. MLVApp always applies a curve to the RAW data, otherwise the result would look "strange". Gamma is one parameter of the math beeing done. Some more info:
3. ProRes4444 is available in Kostya (ffmpeg) and AVFoundation (Apple). It are just two different implemenations. ffmpeg is 10bit, Apple is 12bit. ffmpeg is available for all OS, Apple version is for OSX only.

Thanks for the info! Isn’t gamma 1.0 linear?

This might be a stupid question, but is there a 3x1 (vertical stretch) anamorphic preset to use the full width of the sensor? Would this theoretically reduce aliasing and moire the same as 3x1 (horizontal stretch)?

A few questions on exporting in MLV app.

Gear: 5D2 and reddeercity's latest Crop_rec build.

My goal is to get a file in a log gamma, as if it came straight out of camera that shoots log.

I have read the wiki here on export settings:

Heres the scenario,
-I import an MLV. I leave exposure alone, even if it was under/over exposed. I only adjust white balance if needed.
-Under "profiles" I select the "BMD Film" preset. (Does anyone have a suggestion of a "tonemapping" and "processing gamut" combination?)
-I leave "Allow Creative Adjustments" disabled.
-I leave "Gamma" set to "1.00"

Question 1: I kind of understand what the options under "Camera Matrix" do. But am still a little fuzzy. What are the benefits to "Use Camera Matrix" vs "Don't Use Camera Matrix"?
Question 2: Does leaving "Gamma" set to "1.00" basically mean MLV App won't make any adjustments? How is this different than using the exposure slider? What are the benefits to this adjustment?
Question 3: When selecting "Apple ProRes 4444," which "ffmpeg" selection should I select of the options? Options are "ffmpeg Kostya," "ffmpeg Anatolyi," and "Apple AVFoundation." What are the benefits?

Thanks all!

I tested the new mlv_rec module "" with the latest "" build. I'm loving the new 3x3 resolution!

mlv_play isn't working and causes no modules to load.

Any way to fix this easily?

Thanks again for your continued development!

Is there a way to get the 1880 res in the 5D2 nightly build?

I like the google docs idea!

That’s pretty cool! Thanks masc!

When exporting .MLV using "CinemaDNG fastpass:" if the .MLV was recorded with lossless compression, does "CinemaDNG Fastpass" export CinemaDNG Lossless?

My histogram only reports 11.2 stops DR in MLV at ISO 100 (5D2.) Is there something I’m missing? Do I need to enable something?

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: DaVinci Resolve 12 and ML Raw
« on: July 20, 2020, 06:47:36 PM »

I think a color picker in the "Camera RAW" panel would provide better results, since it would be at the first, debayering stage of processing.

Thanks for all the useful replies! So it sounds like it’s an issue with Davinci resolve. Hope they are still updating their cDNG functionality now with all the other raw formats out there.

I appreciate all the reply’s, and grading suggestions! Maybe I didn’t clarify enough: The DNG is a sample to demonstrate the pink pixels in the sun. I didn’t shoot it with intentions of using it. 

Seems to be a bug with Davinci? Or with ML? Didn’t know if anyone had any insight as to why they are appearing.

70MM13, did you notice the pink pixels?

Thanks for taking the time! It was just a quick clip from my apartment patio. I intentionally overexposed to make sure the pink highlights would show in Davinci.

Your graded image looks great! Good highlight roll off!

Any Davinci users that can shed some light on the pink pixels happening in Davinci?

Can't help without the original  dng/mlv file shorten  , not jpeg compression (lossless) or png .
just use passthou when exporting dng's in mlv app. and it will export dng's at the original bit depth
Did you try Adobe ACR ? (Photoshop/After Effects)

New sample DNG's here (included both uncompressed/passthrough, and lossless compressed)

Different clip, but same problem; pink pixels in the center of the sun in Davinci Resolve. It's especially apparent with "highlight recovery" turned on.

Oh! I thought you meant JPEG as a file type. Let me shoot another test as I don’t have the original mlv. Or can I make another uncompressed DNG from this one?

Reddeercity, thanks again for all your hard work on this! I tested the new mlv_rec module "" with the latest "" build. I'm loving the new 3x3 resolution!

I noted four things for the 5D2:
1) In 3x3 1880, and in all bit depths, I'm getting pink spots in the sun, see .dng here > Is this something that needs to be repaired in MLV app?
2) In live view movie mode, ML reports 1/48s shutter speed, but the top LCD of my 5D2 reports 1/90s. And when switching out of live view, and capturing a still, it is captured at 1/90s.
3) Forgive me if you've already addressed this, but the fastest shutter speed I can achieve in mlv_rec (3x3 1880) is 1/100s despite the top LCD reporting all shutter speeds up to the max 1/4000s.
4) mlv_play isn't working and causes no modules to load.

Thanks again for your continued development!

@Reddeercity, thanks so much! I'll get to testing straight away!

General Help Q&A / Re: Why I can´t increase resolution
« on: July 04, 2020, 10:10:30 PM »
Did you see black borders in my DNG? Or you mean in your own files?

Raw Video / Re: How to check if a .DNG is really raw data
« on: July 01, 2020, 02:18:34 AM »
Thank you masc! Then I would suspect that’s why exif is showing JPEG for both.

Raw Video / Re: RAW liveview on PC monitor via USB
« on: July 01, 2020, 02:15:30 AM »
I’m having an issue here too. I don’t have an external monitor, and would like to view self shot MLV RAW interviews via usb. Any updates on this?

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