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Raw Video / Avid AMA plugin for MLV files?
« on: March 09, 2021, 07:26:39 AM »
Does something like this exist?

For those unaware, Avid does not ship with the capability to read certain camera codecs. RED RAW is one of them, and it requires an external "AMA plugin" that you download from Avid's site here

Does anything like this exist for MLV files? I highly doubt it, since MLV is such a niche format used by people who had only a DSLR lying around (like myself). I've been using MLV app to transcode to ProRes to edit in.

So I used the intervalometer feature + a gimbal to get this amazing time lapse shot of times square during the quarantine right now, but there's one thing I'd love to fix. There's a little "jumpyness" that appears to be a result of the gimbal. It's so minor that I think I can find a way to get it out via post. Here's the video for reference.

Is there any way I can remove this "jumpyness" in post? Premiere's warp stabilize doesn't seem to like this one. Anyone have any ideas?

p.s the workflow looks like this
* set intervalometer to take a picture every x seconds
* take all of those cr2 files and import them into a Premiere bin
* Make a sequence out of that bin
* Speed up the sequence to fit within a 10s timeframe

It's the speed ramp that Warp Stabilize doesn't usually play nice with. Perhaps I did the post workflow wrong. How do you guys usually do it?

edit: while coloring in Resolve I figured it out. I used the stabilize function in the cut tab and set the stabilizer to similarity. Now it's buttery smooth!

addendum 2: I believe I've solved the problem by using arczipl's Mar152019 nightly build. I'm gonna go out and shoot some test footage but it seems to be functioning properly at the moment.

addendum: I'm trying to record at 24fps with a resolution of 1824x1026

Not sure what's going wrong here. Initially I was using a basic SD with a write speed of 13mb/s (tested with internal benchmarks). I was getting a frame skip error so I got a 32gb UHS with a (benchmarked) speed of 38 mb/s read and write. However it's still giving me the same issue when recording raw footage. The files it outputs are extremely choppy, probably around 12fps. Does the 70D have a limited write speed or something? Is that what's forcing the camera to stop recording?

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