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Hello and welcome!Here's a good start on stub hunting:

Ok sir, I will start with this thread and I was busy with shooting for a short film lately sorry for the late reply.

If you don't have IDA, you can use Ghidra.  Calle2010 was working on a 77D and has a repo with instructions for getting started with Ghidra, as well as a repo for his 77D porting work (which has some stubs found):
I just started using Qemu. I'm learning to use it. I guess I can jump to Ghidra to start learning and working on it. Is it ok if I PM you if I'm stuck anywhere in this process?   
Thank you for your kind reply.

Hello, I'm an owner of 77D and I didn't know anything about ML until I bought Canon 77D. I have been looking into posts on the development of Digic 7 especially 77D. After reading every post carefully I understood and installed a virtual machine with ubuntu, magic lantern and qemu, while writing this message, I have kept the battery of 77D for charging and will get rom files. I have done a few c programs and but I'm not a science background student. I have seen posts on finding stubs. I need help with that if you kindly show me how to get stubs file(s) and 1 example of finding stubs(if there are threads or posts). I can help with the development of ML for Canon 77D. (Totally noob, I'm sorry if anything wrong)

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