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General Chat / Module/Script to Ignore External Trigger Until Time
« on: June 10, 2019, 03:36:58 AM »
Hey ML Community,

Seeking information regarding a script or module that would disable external trigger events for the duration of a countdown or until a specified time.

I use a portable star tracker for time-lapse astrophotography and the tracker must be able to control my camera exposure externally. But the star tracker's intevelometer is either on or off and I want my camera to ignore its input until a specified time. This would allow me to conserve camera battery and memory by ignoring the bulb trigger's input until a certain time (say when the milky way is high in the sky). The reason for this requirement is that the star tracker compensates for the rotation of the earth then rotates back to a specified starting point allowing for long exposure landscape time-lapse sequence. The tracker rotates with the earth and triggers an exposure through the bulb cable then it ends the exposer and returns to the starting point. It does this over and over creating the time-lapse sequence.

Therefore I need the ability to specify a period of time during which my camera will ignore bulb trigger inputs.

Can the ML community point me in the right direction?



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