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Thanks Guys it was a bad pin. back up and running :)
@Walter Schulz

it is working in my Reader and 5Ds

i use to use my 5DMk3 for Raw just didn't use it in over a year not sure why this is happening any idea how this can be fix?
Thanks guys will get one  my CF card stop working in camera
Whats the best Card to use?
 i own the 64gb 1050X not sure if im doing the testing Ok
can someone help me setup the Mk3 for best testing
is there some video showing the correct way?
I have this Card not sure how to run the test if anyone can tell me i wll post score
how do i get into Mode Playback?
to run this test
General Help Q&A / DEAD lexar 32gb 1000x cf card
November 19, 2013, 04:29:08 PM
My lexar 32gb 1000x cf card died today on me i install the ( magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013Nov16.5D3113 ) Version the day before did some shooting and after i copy the files off the card stop working, if i try the card in my Canon Mk3 the camera would not turn on the same for my PC it would even freeze up my laptop at times. also the laptop would not find the card

not sure if there is a work around for this or should i Trash it?
CardRecoveryPro Or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
how do i download this preset having a hard time understanding your web page :(