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FIXED THE ISSUE: Had to buy a new SD Card. The "old one" is useless to the EOS now.

So here's what happened:

I installed Firmware version 2.0.2 on my EOS M so I can safely run magic lantern on it (goal was to simply shoot 2.5k Video RAW which I saw was possible all over the internet). I couldn't get it to work so I tried another magic lantern download (this one: ).
Also did not work even though I followed the instructions in the video.

So I wanted to uninstall ML again because I might have a slow SD card (even though it has 100mbit/s ) but this time I forgot to uninstall ML the right way.
What I did:
1. Reset Camera settings
2. Formatted the card
3. Deleted everything from the card manually on my Mac.
The Issue:
The camera will not turn back on. When  I press the power button, the light just keeps on flashing quickly in green.
What I already tried (after HOURS of research):
- Turn on with battery only. Works but no way to do anything because there's still no card inside.
- Installed ML back on the card manually on my Mac, then put it back. Won't work.
- Insert a different, new Card. Everything stays the same, light keeps blinking.
- Literally all I could think off.

Help would be appreciated SO MUCH because I received this as a present from my Dad and I couldn't stand telling him it's broken because we're a bit short on money and other shit.

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