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Hey, thanks a million Walter! The last one worked (and I've tested it a few times too). I really appreciate your help/advice.

I think i'm going to install the nightly version and stick with RAW 1080p. If for some reason there's an error repeat the previous?

Yeah i've just redone the above as I couldn't remember if I had. The results are the same. I'm charging a new set of batteries in case and i'll repeat it again tomorrow.

Hey Walter thanks for your help with this,

Using just the SD card (Standard) I put it in the camera and nothing happened. I then formatted the card so it was blank and nothing happened. I also added the ML files to the SD card (magiclantern-nightly2018Jul035D3123) this was the version on the camera before it crashed/I broke it.

All of the above yielded the same result - no camera start-up, no red light and no control over the camera.

Should I format the CF card and the SD? It happened when I added the CF that it stopped working.

I've placed different CF cards in but haven't seen anything (obviously).

HI Folks,

I wonder if anyone can help me. I upgraded the firmware from the nightly build in July. I did this on the SD card and everything installed correctly and was working. I then added the CF card (which I forgot to format in camera like I did with the SD card). Once i put this in the camera shut down. So the CF card (64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro) was formatted on my mac with disk utility and the files were also added to the CF card. The SD card this time is an EZ Share (Wifi) 32GB instead of a 16GB Toshiba 30MPS. This happened a while ago with a different SD card (Toshiba) and the fix was to format it and add then use the original and that fixed the issue. This time it hasn't worked. I'm not sure if the issue lies with the the EZ SD card or the now formatted Toshiba card, but there's nothing when turning on and booting up.

I then came and checked the forum for some answers and couldn't find anything similar (as i'm not fully sure what the issue is).

To recap; when the power is turned on nothing happens, no booting or red light. When the SD (EZ SHARE) and CF (64GB Extreme Pro) there is still no booting up. I've tried to start it on video mode and there's nothing there either. The CF is only 6 months old like the EZ Share.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


p.s if this is a stupid question i apologise...

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