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some die open, some die closed  :P

Closed :( I'm still not 100% convinced it's (just) the shutter though. Thinking it might be a mix of mirror box and the shutter.

Oh, and a funny thing, with that build, it appears to be unable to shut down. At least I've been staring at "Err 20" blinking in the topmost LCD for a good 4 minutes now. Occasionally the blue LED will blink, and I'll hear the thumping sound, this time only one sound every ~10 seconds similar to how it is when starting it in [CA] mode. Opening the CF-card slot did turn it off, though.

Had to use eoscard to make a new bootable card, as I can't access any menus (also, pressing info doesn't work in any mode, as it will only show "Err 20" on the main LCD).

The dm-0000 is here:

It will also create a "normal" error log when I press the shutter button. I've uploaded that here:

I guess it's normal behavior to be unable to enter menus when getting an Err 20? I guess I will have to open it up to see if I can spot what's wrong with it.

Note also that I've tried replacing the date battery, so the date is constantly set to January 1 2000, as I have no way of entering the menus to change that.

Just for fun: I'd like a startup log with this build.

The camera might be still usable in LiveView, i.e. for video and silent pictures.

If you press INFO, you should also get a display on the LCD, in any shooting mode.

Will try to get a startup log for you. I'll just follow the normal procedure when installing that build, right? Currently I can't get the mirror to fire, and none of the buttons produce anything. Occasionally INFO works, but usually it will just make those four thumping sounds, and the display Err 20 on the display in the back. I'm thinking it's either the shutter, mirror box, or just some weird electronic issue. Having it useful in LiveView would be nice, but if it's the mirror box then I guess that's not an option.

Let's first start by saying that I don't believe Magic Lantern has anything to do with this error. However, Magic Lantern is installed and functioning, and produces log-files, so I was wondering if there's something in there that might be of help to me.

I've got a 5D mk II that suddenly shows the dreaded Err 20 (mechanical error). When I start the camera there's four "thumping" sounds coming from roughly somewhere around the shutter. It will then beep, show the Err 20 on the LCD display, and Magic Lantern will produce a log file. If I start the camera in the [CA] mode, I get a display on the LCD, but there's no way to fire the shutter. If I leave it at [CA]-mode, it will produce the thumping sound roughly every 10 seconds. I can also trigger the thumping sound by pressing the shutter button, either on the camera or on the battery grip.

I've skimmed through the log-files, but I can't find anything related to ASSERT ERROR or something like that. Is there anything I could look for in the log files that might give me a clue as to what the error could be?

The camera's shutter has been through roughly 150k actuations, so it might simply be end-of-life for this one. However, I would think that I should get the Err 30 rather than the Err 20 for that one.

Any suggestiong would be welcome.

I've tried:
Different batteries
With/without battery grip
Different CF cards
Changing the date battery
Leaving it, etc.

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