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Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: September 14, 2018, 02:14:12 PM »
WOW.. @a1ex amazing work.  Now time to get a 5D4  8) so I can help.

Indeed. I would like to help as well. Having this on the 5DIV would extend the benefits of magic lantern for a long time.

Raw Video / Re: Recommend a shooting resolution
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:20:54 PM »
Thank you Kharak,

Crop_rec is experimental, as to why it is under experimenral builds. For a novice I don’t think its the best thing to start with. Then again the experimental build has lossless_compressed mlv which for non-cropped mode e.g 3x3 1920x1080 Full frame with sound will take almost half the space of vanilla MLV e.g. you can fit almost double the amount on your cf card. And it is very stable.

Meaning: * 1920x1080 @ 45p and 48p (3x3 binning)  - continuous at 45p*)

Basically for starters, stick to non-cropped modes and get to know the little quirks of ML operating on your cam.

I think the idea of "crop" is misleading to me. We are actually gaining more resolution, which to me is quite opposite of "crop".

For 60 fps 5x3 lossless 1920x1280 is continues, for 3x3 1920x800.. not so easy to get continues, but the quality is leagues ahead but again you have to mess with crop_rec modes and settings that for a newcomer to ML will seem quite overwhelming at this stage.

You're referring to the binning in what you mention above?

Put it like this, I just gave my brother my old 5d2 with ML on and even though we went out together to shoot some stuff and I was guiding him through ML, he quickly became overwhelmed with all the settings and possibilties of ML. So start with the basics, after you are done shooting you are at the next level, post-processing.

I'm not completely green, but picking something stable to go with is my goal.

Raw Video / Recommend a shooting resolution
« on: July 26, 2018, 04:35:01 PM »
Hi all,

I'm not necessarily a video guy, but I'm going to attempt putting together some clips that I will shoot soon. I've been reading tons, and shooting at or below 1080p seems like a loser for various good reasons. Even with a 5D3, I have to compromise to some extent, right?. So my goal was: 1080p with a mix of 24-30fps and an attempt at 45/50/60 fps for the enjoyment of trying to do a half-baked so-motion thing.

So now I have the crop_rec module. I've tried the examples from the video on the crop_rec page, and results are varied. The whole 5x zoom thing, while clear as to execution, confusing as to what is actually happening. I doubt I'm going to shoot anything in my upcoming scenario with a frozen live view, or anything where live view isn't representative of exactly what is going on, unless someone can help me understand what I am looking at. the idea is to snag the highest quality possible.

What I'm going to be shooting doesn't need to be award winning, but it does need to come back with me and actually be recorded and eventually be shared on youtube. I just want some good and varied footage so I can play in resolve.

What's my best bet for normal video and some high FPS to be compiled together?

* 1920x960 @ 50p (both 1:1 crop and full-frame - 3x3 pixel binning) - continuous*)
* 1920x800 @ 60p (same as above)  - continuous*)
* 1920x1080 @ 45p and 48p (3x3 binning)  - continuous at 45p*)
* 1920x1920 @ 24p (1:1 square crop) - continuous*)
* 3072x1920 @ 24p (1:1 crop)
* 3840x1536 @ 24p (1:1 crop) (corrupted frames at 1600)
* 4096x2560 @ 12.5p (1:1 crop) - continuous*) at 8 FPS
* 4096x1440 @ 25p (1:1 crop)
* Full-resolution LiveView: 5796x3870 at 7.4 fps (128ms rolling shutter) - continuous*) at 5 FPS!
* Full-width LiveView - decrease vertical resolution in the crop_rec submenu, all the way to 5796x400 @ 48 fps :)

Would I better better off using standard ML raw (pre crop_rec)? And why doesn't MLV 2.0 work at all on my 5D3?

I bought (2) 126GB cards, so I have room to do whatever.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm heading out this weekend, and I'd like to decide on a plan before then.

Also, any thoughts on uping to 1080p form a lower res? Not a lot of good info out on the google about that.

Thank you!

Post-processing Workflow / Re: software to process dng?
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:13:06 AM »
I'm running win7 sp1.  Resolve 15 beta installed without any issues.  The machine is air gapped, and nothing else was required.

I hope that helps.

It works very well for quick and convenient grading, and I can do 24fps playback with a couple of nodes in series.

I actually prefer using rawtherapee for post, even on video, although it's agonisingly slow and extremely inconvenient.

Usually I just use resolve unless it's an extremely difficult scene.

Rawtherapee has some excellent demosaicing algorithms that are far superior to amaze for very critical details.

I'm in now as well. I had to perform some video driver shenanigans to get resolve 15 going.

So with Raw Therapy, it's about the batch process? It does sound agonizing otherwise.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: software to process dng?
« on: July 11, 2018, 02:39:30 AM »
Thank you for all the replies and to everyone that put work into all this cool software!

I didn't realize the breadth of some of the things going on here. I've been photographing for years, and I love post processing still images. Been into music production for even longer. This is kinda like paradise.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: software to process dng?
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:03:59 PM »
@psdn - You don't need to buy Resolve. The free version is usually all you need. We're starting to test their newest version 15 Beta (Studio version) and it does work better with their hardware and operating system recommendations.

I've been reading more about resolve and I thinking it may be worth the trouble. I'm going to upgrade the ole desktop a bit.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: software to process dng?
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:59:43 PM »
If you don't got much experience from rawvideo recording and postwork it's quite much time that has to be invested to get a good looking image.

You can get really good quality from ML with a 5D3 but there are many cameras that will get similar quality for a much lower effort for new users, Panasonic GH5 is one of them!

Thank you allemyr!  I appreciate your thoughts.

GH5 is a large dollar investment, and I'll likely be getting the 5DIV at some point in the future, since this camera series is good for me and I really like full frame.

I guess I was hoping for an easy entry and my post had a sense of complaining to it. I see I'll need to dig in as always. I think I'm going to do an Arch build as dfort has mentioned good results. I don't mind post work at all. I spend a lot of time on my still images, and resolve actually looks pretty awesome for color work.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: software to process dng?
« on: July 10, 2018, 02:04:01 PM »
Davinci resolve runs beautifully on win7...

Also, you can stick with openshot, but use either mlvapp or mlv producer to easily convert your mlv files to a format that openshot works with.

If openshot supports dng, perhaps it's a compression issue?  It might require uncompressed dng.  I'm just guessing here. I've never used openshot.

I wish I could say the same. I get the "The procedure entry point DeleteCriticalSelectrion could not be located in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll" error, and unregistering and re-registering the .dll, among other steps, does not resolve it.

I see that resolve is probably the best choice, so now instead of playing with video (which was the entire point), my task is now to make resolve run. Sigh...

Thanks for confirming it is just my system. I think I would totally buy Resolve. I do have a system running Arch, and funny thing it's used almost exclusively for crunching images for a 3D map software, but it doesn't have Resolve's video card requirements.

All I have to say is this video thing better be awesome after all the troubleshooting I'm looking at.

Post-processing Workflow / software to process dng?
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:39:02 AM »
I'm new to video, took a few clips with the ML crop build and MLV_DUMP to dng. I'm on Win7, so Davinci is out of the question. I know about Premiere and heard of After Effects, but I can't justify the cost if working with video doesn't move me. For it move me, I need to play for minute.

I have Openshot, but when I try to import the dng files, I get infinite "unknown field with tag XXX (0xXXX)" error/warnings. Is there some trick to clear this field in the dng file?

Something to dip my toe in would be nice. If I feel I'd like to stick too it, I'd happily do an Arch build or move to Win10 and buy a license for something; but it's a big commitment just to peak inside.

I appreciate any thoughts.

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