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Masc sorry for the delay... I have been traveling quite much lately.
Once again thank you for the very good work.
There is maybe another thing that would be great for the app : a button for loading the video in the RAM of the computer for preview without cuts. It seems to be loaded after an export but would be nice to do it before ;)
Here is the file where i have trouble with the colors. I am using a 7D.

Thank you.

I like a lot the app. it is generally much better than the others. I still miss some features :
-The ability to save preferences like the standard file export being (dng / pro res 444 / ...)
-the ability to save and load presets for color correction
-Sometimes the "Fix Bad pixel" fails and enable RAW correction would not be perfect. on top of that if there are wrong color than the colors would also be wrong in the DNG.
-A tab to report bugs

But very good work !!! I wonder when we will be able to do it on smartphones/tablets.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 7D Mark I
« on: April 10, 2018, 11:07:51 AM »
I tried on my 7D it does seem to work. I needed to update MLV producer to decode corectly the 10-bit 2.5k that i made.
I could record 37sec, so it looks like that i am a bit over the speed of the card.
So maybe try 2.2k or 2k might work, still it is really awesome !!!!

I just wonder why is it not yet in the nightly build or if we can add the fuctionality to the Nightly build ?
And is there a possibility one day to make a 8bit raw ? Because it would still be better than the native H264 we have on camera. Or i am wrong ?

I am never programmed such things as camera so maybe it will be a long learning curve to learn such things especially if no tutorial because at this time i only tried to install so i don't know if there is some source / compiler / development program / emulator to test the code in computer before risking the camera...
But if can be any help i would be glad to learn.

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