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Hi Everyone,

when using the 3.5K centered mode (2640x1320), i cannot set the shutter speed above 1/140e is there something i'm missing?

i'm on 1.2.3 with ML from july using PAL 25P

The ability to use original canon FPS without fps override in 3.5K CROP is great.

I have noticed one small thing :
If you activate the FPS override in crop mode and then deactivate it, you fall back to 30.125fps  instead of the original canon fps value.
- exiting and reentering the crop mode with the loop button (x10 >No zoom > x5)
- entering Canon menu and reselecting the fps mode

Will get you back to the original canon fps setting so really no big issue there just a mention.

General Development / Re: Rolling shutter value for steadXP+ device
« on: February 19, 2018, 05:06:15 PM »
Thanks for your participation on this !
Value to enter in steadXP software are:
- 24 FPS mode 0.021626
- 25 FPS mode 0.025

for steadXP user passing by, if you use SteadXP in RAW never select FSP Override with exact FPS settings has it creates a miss synchro on the long run. Always disable it or leave it on LOW LIGHT setting.

Yes, i'm tech support there. As I'm not from the dev team I cannot advise much on what would be needed.
Rolling shutter is needed that is sure but as it is displayed currently is ok.
Maybe internal Gyro could help to autosync data with the MLV but as steadxp it's not being build only for 5D3 this not how the sync works currently.

I'll pass your question to the dev team and let you know.

Thanks for the help.

General Development / Rolling shutter value for steadXP+ device
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:48:04 PM »
Hi Everyone,

To Help with SteadXP Rolling shutter value measurement I'm looking for screenshots of the FPS Override Settings page in ML for all compatible canon cameras

The infos needed are :
 - Camera Model
 - 1 screenshot with REC MODE set in PAL
 - 1 screenshot with REC MODE set in NTSC

This screenshots should have "optimize for" setting set on Low light and highlight the rolling shutter value to display the green underline like on this sample :

If when you highlight Rolling shutter this green underline does not show up, exit the fps overide page and turn on RAW module ON.

Thanks for your help!

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