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Big thanks for your help. It saves the lazy hardware guys (me) from having to crack open their cameras to get the full features of their devices.

Windows 10 wouldn't work correctly, as it doesn't install a standard PTP driver for my 1600D, so I booted up into a LiveUSB version of Ubuntu 21 and ran your linux version succesfully.
Since Windows 10 was having issued, I used a LiveCD of Ubuntu 21 and ran Petabyte's linux tool to enable the bootflag on the camera natively, which worked great. Upon first loading, ROM0 and ROM1 were backed up and things started working. Great job everyone involved!

A quick note while running this today, when performing an autofocus, once the lock is obtained, the display shows "Headphones connected" but nothing seems to be wrong and normal pictures are taken in focus.
Hey A1ex,

When I was going over your published your commit

I noticed

+# no 1300D firmware yet?
+CANON_NAME_FIR      = 5D300133.FIR
+FIRMWARE_ID         = 0x80000404

Canon did post the current 1.1.0 to their site a little while ago: