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Can be added in C code. You'll have to train the neuronal network and add the result to the app.

don't know nothing about it, but tanks! :)

? ? ?
Chose a filter and enable it.

Custom filter/

Could you please upload such a file and provide some more information (OS, version, ...). Thx.

You can add one of the implemented filters. There is no LUT support atm.


Really nice too hear :)

Can I add more filters? any LUTs?

Post-processing Workflow / 2500K PROBLEM
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:48:55 PM »
 Hi guys!

Can anybody help me?

When I shoot regular temp. like 5600 or 4200K I get nice accurate colors.
But when I Set for cold Temp. like 3200 o 2500K Colors change, an doesn't look right.
What can cause this?

Thanks! :)

You can't compare Footage, because this is completely different processing. As I understood Footage uses Apple Standard Functions / Libraries which only work on Mac (not cross platform) and which don't work with all Cameras. My 5D2 did not work at all at Footage. It may be that Apple Functions are here and there better (Apple is a little bigger than us three hobby developpers). In the end, nobody knows what Apple exactly did in this processing functions, so we can't just copy it. If you know a algorithm (best in C/C++) let us know and we add it if we can.
ok got it. Can you do something in your program to improve it?

Also something weird in MLV App the bokeh looks chopped, with color fringing, None of this in Footage app.

I tried my best with chroma slier  but cannot make it smooth like in Footage app.

Maybe you can add some sliders to correct this issue?

Let me check!

Also when I trying import MLV files mouse freeze only arrows works, the same in previous build.

I also noticed sometimes if you copy and paste attributes to another clip, it could stop playing the file at some point, when you bounce this file it bounce just the part that was playing not whole clip.

I am on Mac Sierra 10.12.6.


Did you try activating Chroma Separation and Chroma Blur Radius around =3 ? The color may become unsharper, bot those dots are away. And activate Playback->Use AMaZE before settings something up (preview may be slower, but quality is better).

I tried everything nothing seems to work.

If you don't like the presets, you can always calculate your factors and setup export settings. You can stretch to any resolution / aspect ratio you like. (maximum is 9999x9999, hope that is enough  :D)

Yeah thats what i did. its not big problem here.

Just thinking how to remove those dots

If you use a 2x lens, you use 2x width stretch! And nothing else! The 3:2/16:9 mode plays no role here. Pixels have an aspect ratio of 1:1. If you use 50/60fps, you additionally need height stretch 1.67x, because here the pixel aspect ratio is 5:3.

Topic sharpness: the clips you sent me were really unsharp. Here you can't make it better using the sharpen slider. You need to focus right, or if you did, you need a sharper lens.

Whatever i don't understand what i am rtying to tell you! With whole your stretch structure i cannot get proper image in your program. the lens is 2x. and please don't tell me Lessons about focus here.

Look here anamorphic stretch works correct here:

This aspect will be very unusual not 16:9, not even 16:10....( none of existing anamorphic lenses do these kind of squeezing). I wonder what are your settings during video recording :P

Its regular 2x lens. I am shooting in 3:2 mode. So when i choose 2x from menu i didn't  get proper image, i think its because your 2x mode works with 16:9 or 3:2 footage?
So i isn't works like its shoud:(

 Just something wrong.

1.67 i know  its wrong its what gets me final image with program.

:) thank you @mesebar2!

Next we will change the apps code a little more, so we decided to release a version now... next version will need a little more time. So here comes v0.12:
- Support for spanned mlv
- TIFF export
- Force bilinear export
- Resize resolution on (batch) export (overrides any clip resolution)
- File error handling on import
- Horizontal and vertical stretch per clip
- Cut in & cut out
- New profile "Film"
- Auto load white balance, if mlv was filmed at sunny, shade, cloudy, thungsten, fluorescent, flash or kelvin
- MASXML saves relative path additionally, so a session can be ported easy to different computers/locations/...
- Changed single frame export to (3x)8bit PNG, so libpng & zlib is not needed anymore
- Many fixes and detail enhancements

There are some known bugs and maybe you'll find some new ones ;)
Windows version will be compiled and uploaded next. Have fun!

Lets start from first:

The export is really long. 2 small( 16sec. and 10 sec.clips) files took like 7 min. to complete.

I was using my old iMac at home maybe thats why>.

2nd. I cannot remove small colorful dots (weird like Moire) In Slow motion 50fps like twice more of them sharpness 100% so u can really see them.

Regular 24fps:

Slow 50fps:

Without sharpness is much better but still.:(
P.S. i didn't notice them in previous build.


 Really need 1.67x in width stretch menu.

Beside this i like this program a lot!


When i increase file resolution on export does the quality increasing? or its just stretched video file?

What difference between Amaze and Bilinear on export?

Who tells that? No, it is 10bit.

Thanks Masc! :D


Hopefully OlegK will be a bit satisfied with this for a bit until I release the next Cocoa App version :/

For sure! :D

Yay. that's awesome, really glad there's finally a release to use with all the new stuff.

I also apologize to masc and whoever else for not yet finishing the AVFoundation library that will allow for slightly better quality export on macs.
Also begun on OpenCL processing, nothing to show yet.

Hopefully OlegK will be a bit satisfied with this for a bit until I release the next Cocoa App version :/

Thanks a lot guys! So fast!

prorez 4444 Is 8bit?

 Going to check now!

The whole internal processing is at 3x16bit in MLV App. If you like you also can export 16bit TIFF.


What about upscale pictures before bouncing into the video?

A lot of good ideas from @OlegK

Rolling shutter: With magic lantern we can estimate very precisely the rolling shutter interval, and if we track a few points' movement in the image, we can also figure out the (approximate) direction of movement... and in turn how much to skew the image. However that is something I'd rather do at a later stage of MLV App development, as it involves spatial transformations... :-\
thxx... highlights are something I've been putting back, as it involves more than one pixel at a time and would be quite a big slow down, slower than the chroma blur. It is however getting much closer, it will debut roughly the same time when OpenCL (GPU) processing mode is released (then everything will be really quick)... yes that's coming ;)

I remember long time ago when i opened cinema dng files in Photoshop to correct them before making a video file i noticed one quality improvement over basic _-like save them as tiff and make video from them.
 When files were opened with RAW converter photoshop i changed bit from if i remember correctly 8bit to 16 bit and upscale image don't remember how much. Than i saved it and made movie from it. This way of editing DNG files make my footage look held more information, image became crisper (not sharper), like it has more resolution.
 So what do you think guys?
You can try and compare results.

I circled parameters that i changed in PS.


Also is it possible to implement it to MLV App?

Would be nice to have all shoot info at the Botton like this:

upload photos

And in Footage if your WB at the moment of the shooting was 5600, when you open the file it opens with same value it was shoot, very handy. than you can change if you want, or reset to defaults. 

If you can do "reset to default settings" for all buttons would be nice too!

Is it a combination of anamorphic and high framerate stretch? We also need to be able to handle that together with anamorphic. I think best way is to have anamorphic ratio options: 1.33, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, and an On/Off for additional vertical 1.67x (5:3) stretch

Ilia I have no moire in your program its really good!
Is there any way to fix rolling shutter in MLV?

Also purple fringing

Exactly that I implemented.
Edit: 1.8x is added too.

Now I have to wait! ;D

Is it a combination of anamorphic and high framerate stretch? We also need to be able to handle that together with anamorphic. I think best way is to have anamorphic ratio options: 1.33, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, and an On/Off for additional vertical 1.67x (5:3) stretch

If you can add 1.80X Would be cool! :D

Is it a combination of anamorphic and high framerate stretch?

yes! i didn't touch it:)

@a1ex: I think @OlegK uses a special lens for that...
@OlegK: 1.75x horizontal stretch looks right for my eyes. Yes, you can select the factor in the clip receipt now. So each clip can have another factor here. It is also exported with the factor (png & ffmpeg export, not dng). As I wrote, we still have some bugs to fix... when we have a solution here, we will make a release.

Thanks Man! :D

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