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Hi everybody, interesting posts I read. I started using Resolve 11, and then I didn't change the nodes updating to 12. Thanks :-)
It has been a while since my last post here ! This is the 65th Haiku, shot in july 2014, which was waiting for a musician... just to do some shots thinking about an "old" movie with Harry Dean Stanton  :)
Enjoy !
I always liked the sound of ducks :-)

Enjoy !

Thanks for your visit and comment  :)

I forgot to add that It was color graded with Resolve, using Vision Color LOG first.

This couldn't be longer, this one is already long ! The concept of an haiku, and so, a video-haïku is to be very short, as you can see if you check the older ones.

I keep an eye on the making of short feature films, now.

and of course Magic Lantern, by this way :

What's better than the 5DmIII RAW to catch the color of nature... :-)

Enjoy !


Dear Curuso

Quote from: Curuso on July 26, 2014, 02:20:48 PM
...different cluster sizes from 128kb - 8192kb ExFat...

Where/When can we setup the cluster size ? using computer or the Eos ?
Komputer Bay, 64 Go x1000, 5D3 firmware 1.1.3

Transcend 64 Go x1000, 5D3 firmware 1.1.3

Near the city of Douchy's school. A garden kept by retirees that teachers have access for education.
Just simple shots (few of them with konova slider) to show the "atmosphere around".

Enjoy !
Thanks, Mr Todd. For the good vibes  :)
You will enjoy this concept. Short time to shoot, to edit (a longer one to convert MLV to DNG + wav and ProRes material :) )
I dont hear so much close mic noise (May be this is the plastic board I use to shoot the flowers) An external mic wouldn't be better, I need to be so close to the "threaten" flower.
This overdone small DOF is the way for me to stay focus on the fragility of these thinness flowers. I'm not use to that kind of DOF, I thought it made sens.

Thanks anyway for your feedback it's always useful to read.
just one word : "WOW !"
ou alors... "P**** que c'est beau  :D"
by this way, please  :)

Enjoy !

Great surprising end ! (make me think about the end of Godard's "le mepris")
The story can't have a "normal" or predictable end. That's what we deserve xhen we're not connected to real life  :)
Nice shots !
by this way  :) Enjoy !

Yo !
Enjoy this beginning of a short series of "shorts" made with children
part 1 :

Bye !
10.7.5 user, so I'm a Lion user.
I always dreamed to shoot this kind of event :-)
@MakemaFilms : Merci  8)
@motionpikczer : the slider was 5 feet long (the K3 Konova longest slider), the 20 mm SIGMA magnify the movement.
I'm too happy with this shadow take, the weather is changing so fast, so the light. The slider was ready... so... I had to !
Thanks spark802. I just try to film the "beauty" of the natural light. What I enjoy - using ML RAW - is the wide dynamic range that I use easier than HDR shots. And, sometimes, just have to switch on the EOS, the sun do his best for me :-)
All the best wishes for you, Magic Lantern Team and members.
Herewith the RAW video Haïku n°50, on vimeo :

Enjoy !
Just to say "thanks" to this useful topic. I'am an OSX user (10.7.5), MLVBrowseSharp app seemed not to launch before I installed the mono framework et Xquartz. Now it's OK. I can try this beautiful MLV Xmas gift with sound. See you soon for a short video.
Please to meet you here Fran6  8) !
Joyeux Noël à toi aussi.