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Ok I'll try this asap! Thanks for the tips
Hey guys,

I got the same problem of  these vertical lines who appears only when Recording Raw in 1600x536 for 50 fps

I'm using MLV Producer to convert my MLV files, and those vertical lines still appears after converting in DNG images and in ProRes too.
Even with "Remove Vertical Stripes" seclected... (in 1080p Raw I don't get the vertical lines after converting)
Don't know how to do to remove them, because MLVProducer is the best converter I have found yet,
if you have better suggestions please tell me, (I already tried Mystic, raw2cdng, Mlrawviewer)
thanks in advance!

Last question,
I've installed the latest version of ML with 10 and 12 bits colors featured, but can't find how to change the color settings to 12 or 10 Bits,
where is that option?