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Your Flatz is interesting but how does it differ or perhaps what are the advantages of using it instead of Technicolor Cinestyle?
Have you reinvented the wheel or am I missing something?

I've gotten pleasing results using the free Cinestyle which loads as a picture style into the Canon cameras and then using Davinci Resolve.  Have you done any comparisons?  I will give Flatz try and I appreciate your efforts at improving raw workflow results.
Some great Davinci Resolve Tutorials by AbelCine including how to sync your audio in Davinci Resolve with raw footage.
Nice work Pinger....I guess it's time to bring out my slate...
5d mark 3 Build June 27

Global Draw on  2 frames dropped on 90 Gigs written of 1920 x 1080 Raw at 25 FPS
Global Draw off no frames dropped on 128 continuous gigs of 1920 x 1020 at 25 FPS
I wasn't able to find where I can set the SD card to record audio.  Is this feature still available?  I read someone remarking that the
audio on the video raw builds is not very good when written to the SD card....I don't need good audio just reference audio to aid in
syncing with professional recorder patched into a mixing console.  Where can I find the setting and test the quality in ML Raw Video
builds.  I'm using a 5D Mark 3.  Cheers and thanks in advance for your response even if you call me a moron at least I know someone read this.
Canon 5D Mark 3 June 27th Build

With KomputerBay 1050 X 128 Gig Card with Global Draw on 2 dropped frames in 90 Gigs of 1920x1080 Raw video at 25 FPS

With KomputerBay 1050 X 128 Gig Card with Global Draw off no dropped frames for 128 Gigs of continuous 1920x1080 Raw Video at 25 FPS
It depends on the situation which one I would use.  For quality audio you have to go double system for raw now which means I can't realistically use it when I'm shooting with my Steadicam.  For example an upcoming live music shoot unless I get my recorder patched into the mixing console and sync with PluralEyes or use the same feature in FCPX with a small recorder as reference would be problematic for recording professional audio.  I may experiment with the beep tone generator in ML and a Sound Devices recorder with time code for syncing ...for me it's too soon to go all raw but I'm leaning in that direction as more solutions and workarounds are discovered...kudos to everyone in development at ML for making it all possible.
Assuming you're using a 5D Mark 3, format or erase your compact flash card choosing (EXFAT) with Apple Disk Utility in a card reader, upon placing it back in the camera it writes a file greater than 4gbs.  You do not need to format it in the camera for the ability to read and write files.  Upon placing the card back in the camera make sure you've still got  the camera set so that data is written to the (1) card slot (compact flash) and not the (2) slot (SD card) in case it has switched use the Canon Menu button to navigate to the "yellow tool icon" section  to "Record func/card/folder sel. to change it to card (1) as the card which is writing data.
Komputer Bay 1050X 128GB  I just ran 24 FPS  1920x1080 for a continuious 128.3 GB without a dropped frame, June 28 build, 5D Mark 3 global drawing off. This is a new card just released not to be confused with the previous 1000X 128 GB. 
I will try and test tonight..I've been preoccupied with my new drone for video and stills.
These cards in my tests so far are fabulous no dropped frames at 1920x1080 for 10 minutes of continuous shooting, June 27th build, 5D Mark 3 Global draw turned off.   So thus far it's been no dropped frames with Transcend 64 GB 1000x and now with KomputerBay 128 1050x,
My two Transcend 1000x 64GB cards have worked flawlessly at 24fps 1920x1080, no dropped frames with global draw off on
5d Mark 3.
I think RawMagic and DaVinci Resolve lite (both free for Mac platform) a much better way to go.  It's much faster (64bit) and I no longer had magenta casts in my files like when I used Raw2DNG.  The magenta casts were nothing like your sample... I've never had anything like that on my 5D M3...the files are rich from the get go I'm also using the Technicolor free "Cinestyle" picture style file...I think you'll be quite pleased I also recommend underexposure by about 1 stop.
What method did you use for syncing audio....nice job.
I purchased 4 KomputerBay 1000x 128 Gig cards thru Amazon, non of them could deliver 1920 x1080 on my 2 5D Mark 3's I've returned them all for a refund... top writing was 66 or 67 MB/s from one of them the rest were low 60's.
Upon pressing the trash button to get into ML Alpha3 for 5D Mark 3 I get the message " Script DIR Missing"  when I go to load modules
the raw video module loads "successfully" however when I proceed to the Movie Camera Icon and scroll down to start after making size 1920x1080  and start regardless of the card I'm using 2 different 1000x 128 gig Komputer Bay Cards and 1 Lexar Professional 300X (which I know is too slow) It stops with the message "Buffer usage Frames 32".  The other day I had more success than this...I've reformatted and
reloaded Alpha 3 twice but I still get what I've described. :'(

I am hoping to use this in Iceland soon for a project on glaciers and global warming any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
In the last few days I had been fairly successful with 300x cards with of course some dropped frames but the Komputer Bay Cards and now the Lexar 300x are all pooping out at just 32 frames...shutter speed is 50.  Thanks for any information people can provide feel free to call me a moron if you wish for forgetting something basic but I think I've covered the bases....perhaps problem lies in "Script DIR Missing" message or in something I've got set on the Mark 3 which the Alpha software doesn't like. VIVE Magic Lantern!