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First thanks all for the amazing work that has gone into this.  I have used the interval timer for years on Aurora but manually set the exposures.  Now I need some automation on that and I have a problem.

nightly 2017 march 30 60D111 I have tried it in earlier versions of the nightly as well.
I have been using ettr and it works to a point for the time lapses I am trying to get.

I'm trying to go from sunset to dark.

Highlight ignore 0.1%
Midtone SNR limit 6 EV
Shadow SNR limit 2 EV
Link to canon shutter is on
Dual iso is off  (I have played with this and looks promising but  I want to lock this problem down first).

shutter is at .8 seconds.  iso is 1600 in every place I can find and is the max set in the canon menu.

it runs fine at some point bumps into the .8 so then iso goes to 200.
But then the iso does not ramp any farther  and I see a camera raw error on the screen.  What I expect it to do is ramp to 1600 and then go dark if it needs.

am I missing something obvious?  I can be pretty thick and I have run this for the last 5 sunsets with no luck.

I fly out to a remote glacier in Denali park, Alaska in 36 hours and was really hopping to have this figured out before then.


noob here first post.
Thanks for all the amazing work!

2 feature ideas:
1 add is to ramp. A dropdown with 3 options sunset ramp and sunrise ramp no ramp.  Basically a one way  falling light or raising light.
If sunset is selected and it ramps up to 800 iso it does not skip back down to 400.  Or shutter jumping between 0.4 and 0.5. 

2 Also saving curve profiles would be sweet!

Again thanks for all the work that has gone into this project!

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