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Share Your Photos / star trail
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:49:15 PM »
Hi,  Thought I'd share a star trail and ML & photoshop settings.

ML settings

Exposure 20 seconds (ISO 800 f4)
Intervalometer photo ever 30 seconds


Import each frame into photoshop stack (File, Scripts, Load Files into Stack)
Select all layers
Select blending mode to Lighten
Add a threshold adjustment layer and adjust as desired
Add a curves adjustment layer and adjust as desired ( I used the double arrowed icon on lhs and dragged down on a dark area)


There's quite a lot of light pollution where the shots were taken.  the bright trails show the stars of Ursa Major  (big dipper)

Hope you like oh and btw I'm using the beta of Canon 100d

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 100D / SL1 (Beta-4a)
« on: March 28, 2017, 10:36:45 PM »
just wanted to say thanks for making Magic Lantern  available on my new camera (EOS 100D).  I'm brand new to ML but in mt short time,  seen many fantastic features.   Seems to be very stable for the time I have been using ML


focus peek wow,  great!
clapping to take picture,  super for steady camera on my microscope
intervalometer for taking timelapse of my brewday
script for software ND filter for taking advantage of my old zuiko lenses on super wide aperture  (low dof)
lua script running (dunno what for yet but like scripting :) tried the retro tennis game
motion detect (in exposure change mode) to detect visitors to my bird feeders[/li][/list]

on ml menu mode the screen menu flashes periodically every 8 or so seconds to show (only briefly) what maybe looks like a +- exposure display with an orange line at the centre.  Not sure there is a setting to turn that off? or a fault?
No Focus Trap menu in Focus menu (could that be camera dependant?)
Frame Diff on Motion detection doesnt seem to work.  Motion frame is mostly black and always shows Motion Level 0

Is 100D in experimental builds? I'd like to try out the lens info for my old lenses

Thanks again :)

General Help Q&A / trap focus menu?
« on: March 23, 2017, 11:05:49 PM »

I'd like to use trap focus on my eos 100D to take a picture when a subject comes into focus.  I currently don't see this option in focus menu

I get:
Focus Follow
Focus Endpoint
Rack Focus
Focus Settings
DOF settings
Focus patterns

From the User Manual I can see:

'Activating AF mode dialog when Manual Focus is active will toggle Trap Focus'

How do I activate autofocus mode to see this menu option please? 
I'm using the beta build for EOS 100D BETFW1012017Jan06

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