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I just updated the Colorcast to version 0.5 today.

New features include:

  • Added support for Cinema DNG
  • Added option for Anamorphic De-Squeeze
  • Added option for Frame Re-timing
  • Moved export settings from preferences into export panel
  • Refined optics
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Can you also please contact me here?

And if it's possible, please upload the file in question to somewhere where I can download it from.

Thank you.

QuoteStill no luck with H264 in 0.4 (first frame fine then darks gets darker and darker to black). But works fine with mlv on a quick try.

Can you contact me here?
I just released v0.4 on my website and here's the direct download link:
I've found the issue with the garbled image and audio and fixed it. I also improved the sharping and denoising filter. It can now protect areas from sharpening and edges from blurring out when denoising.

Here's the updated download link:
I also see some chromatic aberration around the highlight edges. Is this a problem of the lens (I have a similar problem with my 50mm f1.4 lens (not L))? I'll try to add a defringing filter to desaturate the discolored areas. Maybe that helps.
Quote from: Lars Steenhoff on February 04, 2018, 03:57:16 PM
Here the example of the normal and the pink frame, there we like 4 of them in the exported movie.

Some thoughts:
1) Is it possible that Magic Lantern did produce this image, or do you not have this issue with other methods?
2) Is it always the same frame?
3) Does this also happen in preview at some point?

The error doesn't look like a simple shader glitch. In fact I think I see some demosaicing artifacts, which makes me think, that a) ML did this during recording of the frame (unlikely) or b) it's a bug in Apple's demosaicing (more likely). If it's b) and 2) is yes, we should try to isolate the particular frame, produce a DNG of it and try to reproduce this issue.

One more thing: Have you tried it already with b3? I fixed a problem with baseline exposure in this build.
I updated the download link above to b3, because I found a grave problem with baseline exposure. Fixed that. I also added a False Color display option for judging exposure.

Link again:

QuoteCan you please add anamorphic lens support? 1.4 1.5 desqueeze

Do you want this only for display purposes? I guess, you like to not export the dequeezed image and do the final dequeezing in your editor, right? If not, can you explain?

Quotewill you add presets for combinations of corrections ?  for example combination for sharpness, LUT and color correction.

Yeah, that's planned. Right now you can apply the filter set to other images when you select an image and copy and paste.

QuoteThere were a few pink frames in the export that were not in the preview. This indicates a rendering problem for the clip I used.

I need concrete examples, so that I can judge, what the problem might be.
QuoteWow, fantastic app Martin! I can scroll through my clip but spacebar (play) does not seem to work yet..

Playback of RAW footage isn't possible yet, because of performance constrains. I am getting maybe 10 FPS yet, which is not enough for playback.

QuoteAnd it does not seem to export anything yet...

What does this mean? What is not working exactly? Export is done in the background. Please check the Activity window for export progress.
OK, sorry. I fixed the import issue and updated the download link above. Please redownload it.
Sorry, about the version number. Just corrected that.

Quotei'm unable to import any files, tried MLV files, prores files and H.264 files, nothing imports, tried using add clips tab, nothing.. and drag and drop but still nothing.

Sounds like something is going wrong on your computer. Try to check the console and search for "Colorcast". Maybe you can find an error message or something that would help me figure this out. Maybe you can also make a quick screencast that shows the problem.

Thank you.

I think it's a good idea to make a new topic for this app. Here is my second attempt to build a macOS app that includes Magic Lantern support. This app now uses the GPLed open-source MacLantern project. The MacLantern project includes all the code that interfaces with the MLV files and runs as a separate process. The app uses inter-process communication to read data from the process. The open-source project can be included into other Mac projects as well. Actually I am building a secondary Mac app that only focuses on MLV to CinemaDNG conversion which will be GPL.

You can simply import your MLV files and start previewing them right away. The app can export to ProRes and H.264 at the moment. Other Codecs are in the works. This is not the official binary from my website. I thought I first release it here to have something for you guys to play with and talk about.


Binary Download Link:

MacLantern Repo:

Minimum Requirements: MacOS 10.13.0 High Sierra and a Metal capable graphics card (I can't backport it to older versions of MacOS, since the app uses some vital technologies introduced in High Sierra.)
I am nearly ready. Will post a test version tomorrow!

Quote from: frenchps49 on January 31, 2018, 04:04:52 PM
Well I can import H264 and Prores but on export H264 becomes sort of posterised and strangely shaky and with Prores nothing is exported...

What app and system are you using again?
Quote from: frenchps49 on January 30, 2018, 01:07:24 PM
Can you tell me what codecs are supported on import ?

What do you mean with codec exactly? Right now everything that works with QuickTime (Prores/H.264/H.265) should work. I am working on Magic Lantern and Cinema DNG support. If you are trying to import 10bit footage from a GH5, that won't work yet, because QuickTime does not support the High 10 profile. I think Apple won't add that, since for 10bit compressed content, they are now using the H.265 codec. If you do that, you first have to convert the footage with ffmpeg to Prores 422 or 4444. Direct support for 10bit H.264 footage is planned, but that will take some more time.
QuoteThen please tell me what are the benefits of using color cast if i cant use mlv to dng

Colorcast is a replacement for Resolve (not actually, only for casual and quick use like Youtube).
Quote from: Lars Steenhoff on January 25, 2018, 08:15:57 PM
Will the new app have batch export from mlv to dng with embedded color temperature data?

I won't be adding CinemaDNG export to Colorcast, since this is a Magic Lantern specific feature. You can already do that with mlvdump as far as I know. The feature however can be added to the MacLantern open-source project. If anybody wants to help with that, I am open to collaborators.
Also since Colorcast and the old app is using Apple's Core Image RAW processing, I'm happy to tell you that this RAW engine got lots of improvements in 10.13 High Sierra, like moire reduction and improvements to the demosaic. I quickly compared it with Lightroom and the improvements are impressive!
Unfortunately I won't be updating the old app anymore, because it is not GPL compliant and the code is too old. New ML codebase is in the MacLantern project on Github. But Colorcast will do everything that the old app did plus batch processing and a lot more.
Good news everyone! Took me some time unfortunately, but I am finally ready to add support for Magic Lantern files to Colorcast. It will take me a couple of weeks still to make everything work, but I already have an image.

Integration works via the open-sourced XPC service and the feature is just an add-on / plug-in , so I should be fine with the GPL. I'll let you know about my progress.

BTW I am also writing and open-sourcing more now. Check out my latest blog post about RGB Parade with Metal Performance Shaders.

@budafilms @12georgiadis

Right now, I am building up the basics. On top of that, I want to add some sort of camera based assistant that gives you a head start when grading certain footage like clog or slog etc. And as far as I know, no other app does this. The app is still missing some crucial tools, before I can do this. But I am getting there. The app is built in such a way, that I could also integrate mlv support quite easily, but I prefer CinemaDNG, because any obscure RAW format can be converted to that and the Blackmagic cameras record it directly. However I can image to integrate an mlv converter of some sort.
QuoteI would love to test your new application but I am on Windows.  Would it be possible to make a Win version too?

No, sorry. I focus on macOS at this point.
Here we go. I just finished version 0.1 (102).

There is no CinemaDNG support yet. You have to first convert to ProRes to use the app. Have fun. Let me know what you think.
Hi folks,

I like to give you a quick update. I stopped working on this app and refocused my efforts on an app for a wider audience. This new app won't have integration for Magic Lantern right away. The first version will only work with normal MPEG, H.264 or ProRes movie files. Integration of Cinema DNG is planned, but is a bigger task, since Apple's RAW engine is not really up to the task yet.

Here's a screenshot:

I thank you guys very much for your support. Really sorry!  :'(


BTW: Please let me know if you are interested in the new app, so that I can hook you up.
Really sorry about the crashes. Didn't have the time to test it properly on 10.11.

Build 153 should fix the final remaining crash: