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i just used the wrong slash sign......
Z:\ instead of Z:/
do i need windows 10 professional Intel virtualization technology to run mlfvs on windows?
Quote from: clanlee on June 16, 2018, 09:45:12 AM
I experienced the same issue but then used the mlvfs.exe located here:

Along with the latest Dokan, I have no problem opening raw video files.  Do not use the x64 exe.

i am using dokan is that the one you are using? i used the dokan you linked but still it doesnt work. can tyou show me a screen shot of whats in your folder? i am still not sure whats going on please.
Quote from: IDA_ML on June 16, 2018, 06:26:27 AM
I have the same problem with Win 10x64.  It refuses to execute the batch sequence and stops as described above.  Every time I wiant to start MLVFS, I have to type the lines of the batch file manually hitting ENTER after each line.  Then it works.  Seems to be a Windows problem.   On my Win 7x64 computer at work it works normally.  Very frustrating!

what do you mean it works if you type the lines manually? can you give me an example please nothing is working
okay so i did that and the error came out that the software was incompatible with my system because it it was outdated and then said access denied. (sorry i dont remember the exact message) then i downloaded the X64 version of mlvfs and installed a new dokan( 1.1.0,2000x64 ) . and it does the same thing as before where it just goes right back to the beginning (like my first message described) and does not provide a debug message even when i included the -f .

(i even reset my pc and it did the same thing after i reset it. reset like factory reset but kept the files)
MLVFS not working after a couple months of inactivity. it was working fine just a couple months ago. then i stopped recording videos and havent run it since. but now i recently started up again and for some reason it doesnt work now. i enter in the correct commands in command prompt but it just bring me back to the start

C:\>cd MLVFS

C:\MLVFS>mlvfs.exe Z:/ --mlv-dir=C:\Users\mesem\Videos\pop


and thats how it always goes occasionally a second command prompt window will appear but only for a second and then it just closes.
is there some kind of log somewhere where i can figure out exactly why it is failing?
(using windows 10)
hey can someone help me?my mlvfs isnt working. i do the correct command lines and it just takes me back to the root folder like nothing ever happened please help. it worked a couple months ago but now im just coming back to it and it doesnt work.
nvm i think i know what happens.. kinda.. ill be okay
can someone help me on an issue? i use to be able to record and resolutions continuously that for some reason i am not able to record now without stopping. also i am not able to record 60fps for more than a couple seconds when before i could do it continuously . the only thing that has changed is that I installed magic lantern on new sd card i just got and ever since then things havent been the same. i dont know why.

r/w speeds from debug menu: write speed :29mbps read speed :malloc error: buffer=16777216
hello i just noticed i can not see all of what I am able to record on my LCD screen while im recording. there are two black bars on the top and bottom of my LCD screen and im trying to shoot a 4:3 video but the top and bottom of the max resolution are being cut off since im shooting higher than 1080 vertically. is there a way I can get rid of the black bars? or at least make them a lower opacity or something? HELP :0 ! I know i can just pick a lower resolution but thats no fun. thank you if anyone has any answers ( also i just checked and it even does this when i only shoot with a 1080 vertical!)
woah thank you bb it worked! :0
youre the best!
i uploaded one to google drive. here is the link.

thank you
come to think of it i think i have a problem. i dont think focus pixel maps are working at all. all of my videos have focus pixels in them can someone help?. im using the dokan 1.0.3. and the x64 version of mlvfs. thank you.
hey is there no way to fix focus pixels in MLVFS?

General Help Q&A / Re: RBG Dots Help.
December 23, 2017, 11:29:58 PM
also they are here on the sides as well.

General Help Q&A / Re: RBG Dots Help.
December 23, 2017, 11:27:41 PM
sorry, I am using a canon 700D. and i am converting on the fly using MLVFS.
i dont see a fix focus pixel option in MLVFS. only thing similar is "bad pixel fix"
General Help Q&A / RBG Dots Help.
December 23, 2017, 10:46:01 PM
hello i noticed when i record RAW that if i go to a higher iso than 100 (ive only tested 100 and 800) i have this layer of dots on my video. i know if i apply chroma smoothing these dots will go away. but i was wondering if thats the only option, as chroma smoothing lowers video quality. is there anything i can do to prevent this? or do i just have to deal with it? lol
(btw im using the version of magic lantern with loseless video & sound.)

does anyone know how to exit the program? when i close cmd the virtual drive is still there . (also my new hard drive lets it works properly)
windows 10
sadly it did not :/ . same results. thank you for trying though . I am getting a new hard drive in a couple days and will do a clean install of windows10 . so i will not waste anyones time trying to help me if this is a weird probably having to do with my system. i will come back in a couple days though if the problem is still occuring on my new set up. ( I still dont know what going on on this set up haha but I guess it might not matter soon anyways. )
my operating system is windows 10
i am running dokan 1.0.3. 1000

i have also tried turning off windows firewall but that did not help.
yes i have just checked and i have those files in my folder
hello can someone give me a hand?
i did everything and the virtual drive is mounted but when i go to
it just says
HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
Raw Video / RAW Playback Notification
August 14, 2017, 10:43:31 PM
hey im wondering if there is like an email list or something where I can be notified when someone fixes and uploads the fix for the playback of raw files on camera. (if you dont know : you cant really playback raw files as itll bring up some kind of fio_malloc error. so the playback option is pretty much usless)
as of now i just keep checking back to the site but I feel like im wasting my time by doing so, so often lol.
maybe if not by email is there like a specific thread i can bookmark or something that when itll be fixed it will DEFINITELY be posted there..
thank you people of magic lantern
okay so i have a theory on why playback doesnt work for 10-12 bit recordings (ive only tested 10 bit)(tested 14 bit to and looks to be the same)
i have a 700D
so playback only seems to work when a file is under 1GB, anything over 1GB will bring up the console message saying something about fio_malloc, and it wont go away until you restart your camera or go to the debug settings and turn on and off show console.
it could be something like, anything over 978mb or something random but 1GB seems to be the safe bet here.
so maybe a fix could be since it only shows up on files over 1GB then maybe there is something that says files over 1GB display message or something like that. so all that would need to be done is to find out whats telling it to  say that and tell it not to? i dont know, im not a coder or anything. its probably more complicated then that but its just a theory.
General Help Q&A / Re: Dual ISO Problem help
July 09, 2017, 01:40:50 AM
oh wait i think it was that way for all of my pictures?. if so can someone delete this post? it said i can not.