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Hi,i've been fiddling around with the dual_iso file in LR and i am filnally getting some results now. In the end i was post-processing in the wrong way,'cause i usually don't touch the exposure slider,so i was just trying to pull out the shadow with the shadows slider,obtaining poor results,but working with the exposure and highlights i can see the advantages of the dual iso versus a standard cr2 file.
I used the standard settings for ettr and dual iso because i didn't know what to expect,next time i will try differnt settings.
Thanks again!

i've tried as you said,but it' the same.
Yep,i was thinking that dual_iso was some kind of HDRish effect and probably on a 5D Mk III it works great, but i have a 600d...bummer..
Thanks again for the reply

Hi everybody!
I'm new here and first off a big thanks to the devolopers for all the effort in this project!
Now,i'm having trouble with the conversion of the dual-iso file,so i need some advice;
what i do is:
1)import in LR the .cr2
2)right click-export-Magic lantern Dual iso converter
than the plugin tells that the file has been succesfully converted and infact in LR appears the dual_iso.dng file(plus the log file in the folder),but here comes the issue, the file is piled with the original(striped) .cr2(which is flagged as rejected) and it is only the lower iso shot,nothing is different from a regular raw file at 100 iso.
Am i missing something?
I'm on win7 64bit, LR cc 2015 ,latest LR plugin ,exiftool and dcraw correctly installed.
Thanks in advance

P.S. i hope that my english is at least understandable ;p

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