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@bobbyshots2 what build did you use ?


Thanks for your reply, feel free to let me know when/if you need testers for 550D.



Hi, I'm up for testing 10/12 bit mlv_rec on 550D if you like (I don't know how to make a pull request either :/).


I've tested 10bit and 12bit mlv_rec on the 550D : magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2017Jan05.550D109

10 bit recording is indeed eagerly awaited on this platform, because 1280x544(2.35) at 23.98 fps makes about 20MBps
which is the maximum rate I can get from it (SandDisk 64Gb ExtremePro) so its pretty cool :)
big thanks to the ml devs, it gives a new life to this (ok rather old) camera but with (it seems) a lot of users still ...

I tested it in this configuration, recording goes OK (green light!) but when I try to read back it's not quite OK yet
(I've tried with mlv_play on the camera (with raw_twk loaded), with mlvfs on Linux and mlvproducer on Win7 with the same result) :

In 10 bit mode : it seems that 1 frame out of 2 is in fact the 1st recorded frame, and the other has problems on the top third of the frame.

In 12 bit mode : every frame is split vertically in 2 and offset in time and/or vertically (I can post another video if you need).

14 bit mode is all OK but recording stops after a few seconds (buffer full).

If I can be of some help in testing just let me know, having at least 10bit mlv_rec working would be awesome !

Thanks !

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