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Raw Video / What are the options for converting MLVs to single frame files?
« on: December 15, 2016, 10:30:34 AM »
So far I've tried MlRawViewer and MLVMystic but for some reason, the DNGs produced by these programs don't seem to fully adhere to the standard, causing compatibility problems in programs such as GIMP or Irfanview

While I realize that this is probably a use case that almost nobody will use ML for, in the end I want to load all files into MATLAB for further processing. At that point I don't really care what the format of the file is: it could be a (standard) DNG, png, bmp, or even high quality jpegs would be good enough. Something that would directly spit out jpegs from a ML raw file would be great.

I'm guessing that something such as raw file -> MLVMystic -> LR would be the easiest to get a bunch of high quality JPEGs out of raw video but unfortunately I don't have LR at my workplace.

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